Andy had responsibility thrust upon him at the age of 9 with the passing of his father. Now, some twenty years later he has come with the same illness that killed his father and no one to give the Family's legacy to than his younger brother.

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    My name's Andy. I'm a small town kid who grew up with aspirations. I grew from a time when people just didn't have much. A time where people starved because some big fat cat was takin' all the money from the hard working individuals simply cause he sold a cheaper product or did a cheaper service.

    I grew in a day when my father's only dream was to be successful enough for the rest of his family to live in a way that wouldn't put us in death's path.

    I gotta say I admired the man for his efforts and, to be honest, on the day he died of the sickness, there wasn't a bit of anger towards him. He did the best he could do, did the best by his family, and did the best with what he had.

    It wasn't an hour after the service that a man in a fine suit with a pink tie came up to me askin' to buy the company. I was only nine at the time, but I knew enough to just tell him to 'fuck himself'. All my father's work wasn't goin' to go to no corporate junkie, some big time in' monarch who wouldn't a' given me the time of day had he seen me on the street.

    Nah. I was ready to take the company for myself, since he left it to me, but my uncles stepped in. They told me to go to school first, that way I'd learn how to make sure I didn't run it into the ground. I never realized hauling garbage was such a smart people thing.

    I went to school. I did my time listenin' to teachers tell me the world is round, that you can multiply and divide little numbers into big ones, big ones to little ones respectively.

    But one thing they never really taught me was how to deal with people. I don't really think they expected me to make much of my life since I've never once used half the things they taught me.

    It's funny, but school wasn't the place I learned most everything from. It was out in the yard durin' recess and after classes that I really took on some 'formal education' if you could call anything that. Some big guys from the upper grades would bully and pick on the little guys, the orphaned guys, the guys who's father's died a while back.

    I guess they'd been doin' it for a while cause they was real good at it.

    The last time they ever did anything, they were tryin' to get in on my brother. Told him that if he didn't give up his lunch money that they'd beat him to a pulp.

    Brother's never really been good at dealin' wit pressure, but I stepped in. That's what big brothers do. I told em to move on, told em that the only thing they could do was break out bones, bloody our eyes, but nothin' could stop our imobile spirit. Or somethin' like that, I read it out of a book once. Prolly somethin' bout the foundin' fathers or something. I don't really know, but it worked well. They never came back, not once.

    Seein' the glitter of hope in my brothers eyes, I wrapped my arm around the sucker and told him this.

    I told him, "Tony, I'll take you to the stars. You do what I say, and you follow by me I'll get you everything you ever wanted."

    He told me he'd stick by me no matter what and he'd do what ever he could to repay me. I told him he never had to, that it was my civic duty to the family...

    The family...

    The worlds not right, ya know that?

    I fight through the hardest stuff there is to fight through. I come over the biggest hills that anyone ever has to go through. I do everything and more than what was dealt to me, and what do I get?

    I get the sickness. It's been some thirty years, and I get the sickness jus' like my daddy got before me.

    Times mus' not be changin' much or else they'd know how to cure. They say that it's somethin' new. Somethin' they never seen before.

    I say they're fuckin' quacks who ain't got two cents of sense.

    They don't know whats wrong and all I know is that if they don't do some serious doctorin', I'm not gonna last.

The End

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