A Demon in Pain.

Solbaid walked the dark halls of Pendragon University. He was alone. He was always alone. Forever to mentally rot in the disgusting covering of chains and ropes. It was shameful and yet, Solbaid could do nothing. The power of the contract between him and the Light-Breather was solid and unyielding to Solbaid's will. 

Curse them and their light.

Solbaid noticed a woman walking down the hallway. She didn't notice him, obviously, but he noticed her. He took a deep breath, taking in her essence and flavor. She was one of the split-souls, then? They were ancient, true, but not a threat so long as Solbaid's left arm covered Cecyl. Such a relief. If the boy were to die.... 

The split-soul headed out a door and so Solbaid decided to follow. Such a boring night it had been. The only real excitement was when he had thought he would face the Suppressor, or Vice President. That would truly be something. Maybe she would free him from this bond? Well, no... The Light-Breather was not as weak as to allow something like that to happen.

Where was this little creature heading? Solbaid had followed her to the wood, only to stop at their edge. He had to be within range of Cecyl in case something happened. The forest looked dark, but Solbaid could sense more life inside. It looked like a gathering of sorts. He took a deep breath again. Definitely split-souls.

A small girl ran by Solbaid, then nearly screamed when she saw him. He started to strike out. If any of the split-souls found out he knew about their meeting, they could hunt down Cecyl and take him out. That would not happen. He could not let that happen. Only a couple dozen more years to wait. To protect.

Yet, Solbaid could not attack. The girl had turned into a cat, running into the woods as he stood motionless. What was it that stopped him. Surely he could ignore any barriers. But, no. There was no magic that stopped him. Solbaid looked to where the cat had gone. 

He had stopped.

Because he found the cat adorable.

Solbaid threw himself to the ground as agony ripped through his empty chest. His mouth, covered in bindings as it was, made no sound as the pain continued. Such torment! What had happened to enact this!? Was it some sort of magic? Yet again, he felt no trace of the stuff. 

It was hard to stand with the pain, but somehow Solbaid managed to do so. Immediately after his second foot hit the ground, the pain disappeared. It was as if it never existed. The odd thing, however, was that it left Solbaid feeling.... lighter. More at ease. 

What in the name of the Heavens and the Hellfires was this?

The End

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