A Dumb Plan All Around

  Drusus descended from the ventilation shaft, once again reporting that the hallways of the Girl's wing were desolate.  The Wisp was rather reluctant to assist in their escapades, but in the end he had come along to keep an eye on Tarrus.

  "Strange, still nobody around."  Tarrus observed with disappointment.

  "Girls sleep heavily from what I've heard."  Shrugged Cecyl.

  The spirit watcher rubbed his silver hair and groaned,"Agh!  I refuse to let this fail, let's keep-wait, everyone quiet."

  The party leaned around the corner, observing a set of three girls that silently creeped nearer to the boys location.  Two were blond and wearing dresses.  A redhead in pajamas followed up the rear.

  "That is the seer from our class!"  Whispered Cecyl excitedly.

  As if staged, Tarrus sweeped out, right in front of the other group.

  "Good evening ladies."  He smiled, attempting a suave attitude.

  Two of the girls jumped back at his sudden appearance, the seer though, merely glared daggers at them.

  "And Strength arrives."  She spoke, locking eyes with Tarrus.

  Tarrus's cocky grin dropped from his face, and he turned pale.  His jaw open slightly.

  "Excuse me?" He asked shakily.

  The girl ignored him and focused on Abbadon.

  "The Devil....I had not expected this."

  Abe looked taken aback, and moved away.

  Tarrus pulled himself back and looked to the girls again,"What are you doing out?"

  "Us?  US?  What are you doing on the WOMEN'S side?"  The other blonde(who the group could name as Brittany) replied.

  "We were looking for some evening amusement, but this seems to have taken a turn."

  Cecyl piped up with his own conclusion;"The Strength, Devil, and Fool.  If I have my information right, then that makes us "The Bringers of Devastation""

  "Perhaps."  The fortune teller mused.

  Brittany crossed her arms and smirked,"Hey, we could go tell the vice prez that we found some perverts."

  "Hey now, I'm not one to complain about repercussions, but that is just inhospitable!"  Tarrus complained.

  "It's only because-"

  "We're searching for temperance."  Finished the seer.

  "Another chosen Arcana?"  Asked the generally quiet Drusus.

  "Yes," Cecyl grinned,"one that represents balance.  Then this means there are more?"

  The seer tilted her head and nodded.  Before she was permitted to continue, Solbaid interrupted with advice in a dark tone;"You shouldn't meddle."

  Cecyl looked furious,"silence slave!" He ordered.

  In that moment, the group of girls fled the scene, leaving the rest of them a bit stunned.

  "Well then, that didn't go great.  Hate to say it, but I think this was a failure."  Tarrus sighed.

  "I would agree.....but it wasn't a total failure......Arcana in the school.....so many Arcana gathered in one place....."

  While the two masters pondered, Abaddon had drifted off and started to wander.

  "Abe!"  Tarrus yelped, grabbing his arm.

  "What?  I was bored, I don't get this Arcana stuff."

  Both sighed, noticing Solbaid's sudden shift, he looked to Drusus, who starred in return.

  "You feel it."  Solbaid said.

  "What is this?"  Tarrus inquired.

  Abe began to shiver,"the vice president."

  "She was the shadowbinder?"  Exclaimed Cecyl.

  "Then we need to run!"

  And no-one needed extra motivation, they were off like lightning.  They ran past many junctions before actually stopping to consider which way to go.  Drusus had been looking back and forth while the rest were running.

  "Something wrong?"  Tarrus asked.

  "Watch yourself, I cannot tell which way she will come."  The wisp replied.

  Suddenly, he picked something up.  The smokey being extended his arms and pushed his master along with all the others to the left.

  "What are you doing!"  Abe said, as they huddled to the side, of the wall.

  "Doesn't matter!  Solbaid, now!"

  The demon lord nodded, and suddenly, two giant patches of darkness extended from his back like wings. Everyone was suddenly encased in void.  Cecyl broke through the darkness with an explanation.

  "This is an anti-detection field, demons use them to evade priests and humans.  It hides everything from view, but sound can still break out."

  "Then everyone shut up."  Tarrus hissed.

  It was tense as everyone waited in this reduced hell.  Outside, the footsteps of a human figure that was most obviously the Vice President came ever closer.  They could feel their magic being torn away.

  She paused, right where the group was hiding.  They could hear her breathing, Abe squeaked, but even those right beside him could barely hear it.

  "I need sleep myself.  Ought to hurry up and find the trespassers."  The woman sighed moving onward.

  As soon as her foot falls became nil, the trio were freed and beyond thankful for not being caught.

  "That was terrifying."  Cecyl remarked, panting slightly.

  "This was a bad idea."  Abe said, appearing on the brink of tears.

  Drusus materialized again, looking back at Tarrus.

  "You're engaged, be happy you got out of this event unnoticed."  He said with obvious disapproval.

  "Shut it.  I'm sick of hearing about this damned marriage!"  The master growled.

  Everyone around him looked back with some astonishment.

  "You...you're getting married?  At age fifteen?"  Abe processed.

  "I looked ahead, it's clear."  Drusus said.

  He had already began to stomp off.

  Came here to enjoy being young.  What a rotten night.



The End

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