Ruby contemplated her next course of action. There was no way she could go to the Lycan Meet and Great. A gathering of unsupervised lycans couldnt possibly be a smart idea, she reminded herself.

It was likely that campus police would find out about their hidden agenda. That would be the best alternative lest Maximus Emry wanted a blood bath on his hands.

The lycans, each clinging and prideful of their own half species were not known to keep peace amongst one another. Just as the food cycle was a natural part of the animal kingdom so were bitter rivalries amongst the lycans. 

Making up her mind about not going, Ruby reached in the deep pocket of her dress. She unfolded the poorly hand drawn map and headed towards the school's new west wing

Numerous paintings of masters, familiars and lycan instructors adorned a wide hallway that led to a set of marble stairs. If there was one thing the school was lacking in it was modern technology, elevators for example.

Ruby found the door to room L3, which was to be her holding cell for the next year. When she entered the dormitory the first thing she noticed was the spectacar view of the lush green forests that surrounded the institute. The second thing she noticed were the bars on the window.

She had boxed her things and they had been moved up to the dorm by one of the staff members earlier that morning. The single bed was neatly made with fresh linens. The room also consisted of a small bathroom with a corner shower. The smell of Lysol and sterilization lingered in the air, making Ruby even more aware of her disheveled state. 
Finally she stripped the dirty dress off of herself. 

Briefly she held the garment up to her nose, inhaling the earthy sent of the forest. It brought her back to the events of last night. The doe who had escaped her and the huntsmen...

 Ruby glanced up at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her bright blue eyes were rapidly changing. She cursed under her breath. The scent of the forest was an obvious trigger, one she was still learning to resist. 

Ruby watched as her eyes took on a cat like appearance. Yellow panther pupils were shrouded behind very thick human eyelashes. 

Stop! Ruby commanded the panther.

With no avail Ruby felt her senses sharpen. She could hear conversations going on down the hallway, she could smell the forest teasing her as the wind picked up. She had no grasp. Her lack of control was the reason the lycans were in this mess in the first place.

Ruby dug her fingers through her hair until her nails connected with her scalp. Her animalistic instincts began to take over. Her breathing was heavy and jagged. She needed to stay human, she needed to hold onto herself..... Ruby Dawson...human, girl, Christian, vegetarian. 

Ruby shrank back against the wall and sank to the floor. She closed her eyes and focused on staying human. 

Compassion, love. Yes, that made her more human. Ruby clung to a memory....

 " Good heavens child, what are you doing here?" A tired but cautious voice demanded.

Ruby cowered in the corner of the barn. She was scrawny and covered in small scratches that were now fading into scars, only visible in the right light. The small child pulled her knees up to her chin to keep from shivering in her nightgown. She looked up at the older woman. Her grey hair fell out of her ponytail sending fly aways into her kind eyes. 

May Dawson could be described as pleasantly pump. Though her expression was less than pleasant. Her mouth fell into a grim line and she looked quite the site standing there in her flannel shirt, levi's and muck boots. Ruby both admired and feared the Jesus freak ever since she could remember. "Please Grandma, don't make me go back to her!"

The older woman massaged her temple. "How many times do I have to tell you child, I am not your Grandmother!"

Ruby shook her head. " I've seen your son, my dad May. I know that he-"

" Now you stop right there missy!" May interrupted.

Desperately the small girl stood to her feet. She needed May to look her in the eye. To see her as her kin. " I have his hair!" She said pulling it free of its ponytail.  May focused on the horse stall behind May, forcing herself to keep a safe distance from the child.

- "And his eyes look at me  Goddamnit!" The eight year old said breathlessly, knowing May would stare daggers at her for cursing but at least she would be looking at her.

As predicted May's eyes connected with the child. " His eyes," Ruby repeated. "Your eyes May!"

Ruby pulled her hands away from her face. She stood up to get a second glance at her reflection. Her eyes had become moist somehow, but they were her's again. Crystal lined blue. Her nails had retracted. Ruby sighed with relief. She had gained one more point for the human and taken one away from the beast. I can do this, she thought confidently.

Minutes later she was showered and dressed, ready to face another challenge. Against all better judgement, Ruby had decided to attend the Lycan meet. She needed to show herself and the others that she was more than her mother's legacy. She had control and discipline on her side. 

The End

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