Cecyl finally settled into the room. With Abe off to find the other student and no one else aside from Solbaid in the room, Cecyl could finally relax. His first day had not gone as planned, with everyone now calling him Fool. They didn't understand the Arcana the Seers used to identify certain people. It is said that there is only one person with the Fool at any given time. If Cecyl was the Fool... 

Cecyl smiled. He was important in more ways now. He knew something like this would happen, even if he could not foresee this exact thing. The joker. The Fool. The 0 Arcana. The Hero!

The door burst open to reveal Abe with his short golden hair and a silver haired kid. Was that the other Familiar Warlock? Where was that spirit then? Maybe they didn't stay together all the time..?

"Not bad," the kid, who looked to be the same age and size as Cecyl. Poor Abe, he was the smallest among them. Oh well, genius' needed to be better than their peers. 

Cecyl regarded the kid with a confident smile and watched as the kid looked around the room. Aside from the trunks and a dresser, there was nothing but three plain beds and a lamp. It really wasn't fit for someone like Cecyl, but he accepted the fact that he would have to work his way up. 

The kid walked toward Solbaid. Had it not been for the contract between Cecyl and Solbaid, the demon would have probably ripped the steel-haired boy to bits. He was lucky to see a demon lord this close up without fear.

"Hello," the kid said, his face not a foot from the taller figure wrapped in bindings and chains. Solbaid regarded the kid with his black eye, the red seal moving as he did so.

"Say hello, Solbaid," Cecyl commanded the demon. Abe had settled into taking off his shoes. From the corner of Cecyl's eyes, he could tell the Rune Warlock hadn't the slightest care for what was going on. Such confidence.

"Greetings to you," Solbaid growled.

"Scary, but curious," the boy said, then turned to Cecyl. "And you are Cecyl Arklight, to have such a familiar?"

"I am," Cecyl replied, "and don't worry, he was mad at me, not you." The boy took a seat on the edge of the only unoccupied bed, not even bothering to remove his shoes.

"Could've done much worse," the kid said as he looked over the room once more. Abe laughed gleefully at the statement, as if it were a joke instead. THough, from Cecyl's personal half-hour of experience with the kid, it was the truth. Sad.

"I would say so."

Both Cecyl and Abaddon jumped to their feet. "What was that?" The said in unison. From the tone of Abe's voice, he was more afraid than cautious. Figures. Cecyl just thought for a moment. Only a moment. Because that's how long it took a genius. 

"It's a spirit," Cecyl concluded. Obviously. He had known the boy had a spirit as a familiar. why had he been surprised? 

A figure formed directly beside the steel-haired boy and stood nearly as tall as Solbaid himself. Maybe Cecyl could get the two of them to fight? He knew his slave would win. No one beat a demon lord! But... it would be fun to watch.

"Drassus was a Philosopher and Magician who died a very long time ago," the owner of the spirit familiar said, "His spirit was condemmed to live for eight thousand years in the realm before paradise opens.  I found him when I was 13, and we've been together since."

Cecyl examined the ghastly figure. "I have read about them and asked my father of them, but never have I seen one. Despite being a genius, I-"

"That's adorable!" 

Both Familiar Warlocks looked at their roommate with a blank expression. Was this kid serious? Maybe he was as innocent as he looked, though. He sure was feminine enough to pull off the innocent look...

Drassus hissed softly at Abe, making the boy cower back away from the spirit. Poor kid. He just had all the bad luck. If not for his undying optimism and ADHD, this kid would be traumatized between Drassus and Solbaid.

The steel-haired boy pointed to Cecyl then. "And how is it you came across that one?"

Cecyl laughed. "My father caught him and bound him to me. Now I have a demon slave." He shrugged. Not much to it, really.

The kid laughed a little. "Oh, I am Tarrus by the way." Tarrus stood and walked over by the door, checking something. "Now that we have introduced ourselves, I have something to ask. Has anyone else noticed the rift in the west wing?"

Cecyl shook his head, then thought for a moment. Ah, yes. A rift was a tear in the borders of worlds. "A rift is here, though? Solbaid, can you sense it?" The demon pulled his gaze from the spirit, who had been staring back, and looked to the ceiling, his hair flowing around like a shadow of a flame as he did. What an odd reaction.

"I sense it." 

Cecyl nodded. Abe had started to change in the corner of the room. He had a multitude of Runes running over his torso and legs. That was... impressive. Most Rune Warlocks from the books only had a dozen at most. How many of those could he use, though?

"Well, they are handling it well," Tarrus said, rubbing his head before looking to where Abe had started to pull on his sleeping pants. He was still shirtless, letting all the runes show on his small body. What a puny kid.

"Well, it figures. Dad said they kept it safe here," Cecyl said.

" Not going to containable forever though," Trassus replied, prompting Cecyl to nod. He had a point.

The spirit bowed his head slightly. "Geists broke through twice.  They were eliminated, but that means they're flowing from this rift.  The Fae have been in contact, it's not been sanctioned or even noticed in their land."

"Could it be a rift to a different plane?" Cecyl asked the spirit. Now he was curious. It was one thing to have a rift, but to have things coming through was not good in the least.

"That's reasonable," Drassus answered. 

Tarrus piped up then. "There are plenty of planes with Geists, but those are savage in comparison. More beast-like that human spirit."

Cecyl rubbed his chin in thought. "Is it possible someone wanted to wear down the universities defenses with this rift?"

Tarrus nodded. "It's not unlikely," he said, "Pendragon likely has enemies."

Cecyl nodded more fiercely now. "Yes," he muttered," like the MadGarbs, the Flamewavers...." Cecyl noticed Drassus, Abe, and Tarrus looking at him funny. Crap, had he said too much? "Er... Uh.. forget I said that."

Tarrus opened his mouth to say something, but Abe interrupted him. "YOu guys are boring. We should be having fun before we have to sleep." He started dancing and Cecyl saw one of his runes light up as a flame came to life in Abe's hand. That was impressive, in the least. 

"What constitutes fun, Abe, is much different in my opinion," Tarrus said, sighing.

Drassus rumbled something, but Cecyl caught it. "Back home," he had said, "we'd drink wine and write equations in the sand."

Abe stopped dancing and frowned for a moment. In an instant his smile was back. "How about a deal?" he asked Tarrus and Cecyl, "If I can beat you in an arm wrestling match, we do what I want." He flexed his puny arms and shirtless stomach to look intimidating. Cecyl, however, was unsure of those runes. He had an idea, though.

"Sure," he said with confidence, "As long as Tarrus goes first."

Tarrus opened his mouth as if to protest, but grins instead. "If I win, we play a game of my own."

Abe smiled. "Deal."

Tarrus removed his shirt and kneeled beside his bed, elbow resting on the covers. "Then let's begin." He wasn't much larger than Abe himself, but it was definitely obvious who was going to win. Or was it? 

Abe kneeled on the other side of the plain bed, locking arms with Tarrus. "No familiars," he said with a smile, then two of his runes lit up. One moment there was a puny arm connected to Abe's body, the next second, it was the arm of a body builder that grasped Tarrus' hand. Cecyl just smiled at the joke unfolding in front of him. Classic.

Drassus drifted over toward Solbaid, who stood still as a statue in the corner of the room. 

"Fairness," Tarrus said nervously, "is something incapable of being obtained here."

Abe just laughed. "So, you forfeit?"

"Hell no?"

"No one will blame you for backing down," Cecyl told the steel haired boy, trying not to laugh. 

Tarrus grew determined. "Drassus, do not interfere. I shall prove I'm a Gaffery and worthy to be a prince!" His voice was serious and showed the determination he had. This was too good. 

Abe sighs, then pushes on Tarrus' arm. To Cecyl's expectation, the smaller boy immediately lost to the determined Tarrus. "Dammit!" Abe cursed, his arm reverting to it's original state.

"Wait, what?" Tarrus looked confused.

"He used illusion and strength runes. There was no way you would've lost, Tarrus," Cecyl said, laughing. It felt good to have people he could joke around with. Were these friends?

"So then.... I guess I win!" Tarrus puffed up, probably feeling cocky from beating a puny runt in arm wrestling. Funny. "Then it's my game. Abe, your pretty knowledgeable. Where does the female dorm reside?"

Cecyl's eyes lit up. Was he serious? "I have a feeling tonight will be fun!"

Abe just looked at Tarrus nervously and pushed his blonde hair back. "Um.. you sure you want to go there?"

"My win, my plan," Tarrus said, "Don't worry, you forget we have a spirit with us."

Abe just sat down on the ground, looking troubled. "That won't help against the Vice-President.... She is scary." Did he mean that shadowbinder? Or maybe it was just another witch? 

Cecyl walked over and patted Abe on the back. "We have Solbaid as well, so no worries!"

"Are you a man, or a wee lass?" Tarrus said in a Scottish accent, then laughed. It worked on making Abe laugh a little, but he still looked troubled. Just how scary could the Vice-President be? 

Abe finally sighed. "I am a man..."

Cecyl watched as Tarrus helped Abe up and they got ready. Were these what his dad were talking about. The thing he needed more than anything else? Were these two... friends?

Cecyl went to get ready with the others.

The End

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