Tarrus was ecstatic, the demon in the shadows had gripped his attention, as did it's master.  Even better was that they would be sharing a room, providing him with an opportunity to study these two.

  "Fascinating, I thought you wouldn't be one for the socialization."  Drusus mentioned, floating high over him as a melding blot of smoke.

  "I'm obligated to be polite to my own species.  They aren't half bad." He replied, flicking the pale, steel coloured hair from his eyes.

  The familiar materialized in front of Tarrus, taking to walking in his humanoid form.

  "I have some news for you.  It seems you were right concerning the spirits leaking in, as I found a barrier suppressing geists in the deeper sections of the school."

  "I assumed so, and they're not succeeding in covering it are they?"  Tarrus replied with sudden seriousness.

  "The school is not in peril, anything that slipped out was silenced within a few minutes by the guards.  As it stands, we should leave it alone."

  The master nodded in agreement, looking down the halls at those who were sorting through their lockers.

  "Return to being a wisp for now.  If you encounter any Fae, ask them about the rift.  So far nothing has appeared to me."

  Drusus had already faded away into the ventilation system above.  Tarrus continued as though nothing had happened.  As he drifted through the crowd of people, he studied them one by one.  He payed special attention to the Lycan that had come late, she was still wearing her white dress caked in mud.

  "No change of clothes?"  He said, thinking it a good conversation starter.

  She payed no notice and continued with what she was doing.  He sighed and also proceeded.

  Evening began to set in and incredibly he managed to find a empty place to sit back for a while.  He closed his eyes and began to think.  Drusus had actually been the one to suggest these mental exercises, having been a well educated philosopher in his time.  Meditation relaxed him, and soon he drifted off to sleep.

  The massive cathedral was hollow.  Long golden arches with gorgeous relief art relating to the Fae.  Stained windows shone a variety of brilliant purples and reds across the floors, drenching the farthest seat(a velvet throne)in even deeper colour.  The silence disturbed by a Faerie in black dress and iron crown fashioned to look like a wreath of holly.  She threw herself onto the cushions and sighed loudly.  Beyond her stood a half circle of others, some Faerie, some geist.  Both lived in the same world.  Only one not having the wings.
  "A marriage my lady?"  Inquired a girl with runic tattoos on her wings.

  "Human's and us have gone through love and hate of many kinds," the woman replied sadly,"pain has been felt both sides.  Sir Gaffery, a human with us today knows this.  His son, Tarrus has just turned twelve, and already has become obsessed with learning about us."

  "Yes, but I am still unsure of this myself.  What about my son?"

  She smiled, shushing him,"Fae were created when human spirits laden with magic had died and been incapable of entering paradise.  These spirits took on interesting qualities, eventually they discovered that they could bear children, and thus a whole new species was born.  We are the border of spirit and life.  Thus certain humans can perceive us like spirits.  Your family, Joseph Gaffery, can do so."

  "Thus you entertain the possibility of a marriage between his son and your eldest princess to strengthen this bond between human and Faerie."  Remarked one armor clad knight.

  Everyone else gasped.

  "It is what I was getting at."  She replied.

  "I accept this offer my queen."  Joseph Gaffery said loudly, receiving many murmurs.

  "This is most excellent!  I have already discussed it with Alisai!  They might be wed in the coming of his fifteenth birthday, what say you brave Human?"  The queen exclaimed.

  "Very good, I shall tell my son on my return."

  Tarrus erupted from tranquil sleep with an unnecessarily loud yelp.  He saw a pair of legs stumble backwards and followed them up to a blond haired boy who stood with a shocked expression on his face.

  "You alright?"  He asked nervously.

  "Yeah, just a lack of sleep."

  "You're Tarrus right?"  The boy asked, smiling as if the event hadn't just happened.

  "Yes, that's me." He replied, raising an eyebrow,"you one of my roommates?"

  "That's right, Abaddon Danse Des Ailes.  We met earlier, but you disappeared.  I thought I'd show you where we'll be staying."  He grinned, and Tarrus rubbed his eyes to make sure the boy wasn't a girl.


The End

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