First Day of Classes

Cecyl took his seat in the classroom he was guided to by the lycan. From Solbaid's nose - and Cecyl's own genius - he determined she was a lioness lycan. The ordinary boy who Cecyl suspected to be a familiar warlock, like himself, was actually just a Ritual Warlock. While he had no innate magical powers, he could use magic through runes likely tattooed all over his body. Interesting. Only two people met and Cecyl was already seeing some unique powers.

The class filed in and Cecyl took a seat just beside a dark haired witch with some impressive inner magic. The teacher was in shortly after. He was a small fellow, probably only just 5'5, and he carried a cane to help with an obvious limp. With short neat hair, a shaven face, and nice clothing, the teacher reminded Cecyl of his uncle who worked as a butler.

"OK, class," the man said once he sat down, giving an audible sigh of relief, "We have two new students, so I am taking role in the way we do in the first of the semester. When I call your name, tell me you're here and your class of magic." The man pulled a book from his desk and opened it to a certain page. It was a tome, Cecyl realized. Incredible. He had never seen a tome before, despite reading about them before. They had magical properties and could store tons of information. If only Cecyl could get his hands on one...

"Cecyl Arklight?" 

Cecyl jumped at the teachers call. He was first? Then again, it was probably in alphebetical order. He looked to Solbaid, who stood in the back of the room, probably mistaken for a statue. "Here," Cecyl said confidently, "and I am a Familiar Warlock." The class looked at him, then started looking around. Probably looking for his familiar. "Solbaid is back there," Cecyl explained, pointing to the dark figure in bindings and chains. He had the presence of a shadow. Unnoticed until you looked.

Many students gasped and said things like, "Is that a demon?" or "What IS that?" but the teacher just stared. 

"OK, class, settle down," the man said, "Let us continue the role call. It's like you kids have never seen something new before..." With that he continued calling out names. Most of the students were basic Warlocks or Witches, using an elemental magic or some sort or ritual magic. Aside from the Lycan and Rune Warlock, though, there were others that were interesting to Cecyl. 

The other new kid was a familiar Warlock like Cecyl, only his familiar was nowhere to be seen. It was only with Solbaid's magic that Cecyl saw the spirit that circled him. Interesting, but not too interesting to take the genius' attention. The one that did interest him was a Seer in the front row. Said to give visions of the future, Seers were as rare as diamonds. This one had long blonde hair and a long simple dress on. He couldn't see her face, but something told him it was beautiful.

Cecyl decided then. He would make that Seer his girlfriend. 

Classes went on. The teacher of the first class revealed himself to be Mr. Timothy Grapher, a Warlock who used Animal magic. He could talk to animals and control them if he wanted to. The other classes were taught by the Shadowbinder from the entrance of school, a Lycan named Mrs. Junes, and an Illusion Warlock named Mr. Davis. They taught about different kinds of magic and proper use of magic. It was boring for Cecyl, since he already knew everything, but he paid attention nonetheless, hoping he would learn something knew. 

When the last class of the day, Mr. Davis' class on proper magic usage, was nearly over, a girl with messy ebony hair and a dirty dress came in and took a seat directly in front of Cecyl. She looked like a hobo, but Solbaid identified her as a lycan as well. Were all lycans female? It certainly seemed so. 

When class ended, Cecyl retrieved Solbaid, causing the remaining students in class to look at the long haired demon lord in awe, then followed the Seer. It was time to pull his moves. He found her hanging out with another girl, Sarah Dean if Cecyl remembered correctly, in by the lockers. Cecyl was momentarily surprised at how similar the Pendragon school was to other schools. Take out the paintings throughout the building and you would have any American school.

"Hello, I am Cecyl," Cecyl said to the girls. In order to impress a girl, you must first befriend everyone around them. The reaction he got, however, was not expected.

The Seer, whose name had eluded him, grabbed his arm fiercely and went wide eyed, as if she's seen a ghost. Sarah just sighed and others in the hallways stopped and stared at her. What was it she was doing? Cecyl wasn't afraid, despite Solbaid reaching for the girls arm and the demon lord's eye becoming wide. Cecyl stopped him with a glance. He was interested. If this was a foretelling...

"You...," the Seer began, "You are the one who calleth upon the demon. You are the one who calleth upon the panther. You are the one who calleth the spirit-saver. You are the one to destroy. You are the one to save. You are the Fool." With that, she went weak and nearly fell. Solbaid caught her, however, and handed her to Sarah, who looked uncomfortable. Some other people started walking on, one even wrote down something before leaving in a hurry. 

Cecyl hurried on, motioning Solbaid to follow. Even a genius like himself couldn't have seen that coming. From all the murmurs he heard from passing students, it was apparent he had become somewhat famous, yet not in the way he wanted. He would remedy that soon enough, though. What did that Seer mean about the Fool, though?

"Hey, Fool."

Cecyl turned to see the Rune Warlock chasing him down the hallway. What was his name again? "Hello, loser," Cecyl replied in kind. The Rune Warlock laughed instead of getting insulted and leaving like Cecyl hoped. Annoying.

"You are with me," he said, "So I figured we would head out together."

Cecyl was confused. "With you?"

The Rune Warlock laughed again. He seemed to be a cheerful kid. The short blonde hair and almost girly face made him seem innocent as well. The image of Scott, one of Cecyl's younger brothers. "No, we are each assigned roommates during the school year. My room just lost a member, so you are filling in. We have another as well, but I lost the kid. Someone named Tarrus Gaffery. He is a familiar Warlock like you, from what I remember from first class, but I didn't get a good look at him and..."

The Rune Warlock went on and on, making Cecyl grow annoyed. From what the books had told, Rune Warlocks were supposed to be extremely powerful and have a strict control on their emotions, as it influenced how well they could use the runes on their body or any other runes. But this kid was... well, very flamboyant... 

"What is your name, then?" Cecyl asked the blonde Warlock when he finally shut up. For some reason, Solbaid had wandered off to the right somewhere. Cecyl ignored him, though. His slave wouldn't cause trouble.

"Oh, I am Abaddon Danse Des Ailes, or Abe for short," he said quickly, trying to keep up as Cecyl quickened his pace. He could find his own way without this fool. Maybe he would keep his sanity as well. Solbaid followed behind a little ways. Why wasn't he near Cecyl? 

Together, the two boys headed to their room for the night. The next day would begin Cecyl's second day of classes at Pendragon University and he was determined to make a better impression then. He was a genius, so it shouldn't be hard for him to become the top of the food chain. Only time stood in his way.

The End

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