Night Life

Hot on the trail and hungry for deer the large cat soundlessly leapt fifteen feet through the forest gaining in on her prey. She could sense the blood rushing through its body and the rhythm of its heart pounding behind succulent meat.

The creature's large paws barely grazed the forest floor as it raced after the doe. Preditorial instinct took over and all she could think of was prey, blood, meal. 

Prey, blood, meal.

The sounds of the forest were inaudible now. The wind was easily ignored.
Prey,blood, meal.

She narrowed her yellow cat eyes. The doe's cotton tail centered in her field of vision. She ran her tongue over her canine teeth.

Prey, blood, meal. Gunshot!

A feral sound escaped the cat's lungs. She whipped her head around. The momentary distraction lost her her meal. But there were more important matters now. Someone was after her. Humans were nearby. Hunters. 

 " I swear to you there is a Goddamn panther in this woods!" The cat's keen senses picked up on the hushed whispers of the huntsman, even nearly half a mile away.

Hurriedly she slinked her way up a large maple tree and allowed the cover of night sky to mold with her dark fur creating the perfect camouflage. She would simply have to wait out the humans.

She stretched her magnificent paws out on a tree limb and allowed the rough bark to file her nails. Hours later when the threat was less prominent she began to settle into slumber.      

Ruby woke startled. She was laying on the moss covered ground and her back was killing her. She groaned in distress and winced against the harsh sunlight. It had happened again. She pulled twigs out of her long ebony colored hair.

She had let her lycan out and now she was suffering the consequences. Lost and in pain, she wandered for a good hour before she found her clothes. The white cotton dress was crumbled and dirty now. She tugged on the clothing, then her socks and black knee high boots. Lastly she adorned the now filthy outfit with a gold cross, that had been a gift from her grandmother long before she made a habit out of waking up naked in the forest. 

Ruby began the treacherous walk back to civilization. Penedragon was a good five miles away. She would undoubtedly get scolded for missing a few classes today. " Stupid panther," she muttered to herself.

The End

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