Cecyl Arklight

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Cecyl Arklight, youngest son of a priest and self-proclaimed genius, walked into the ancient doorway of Stonehenge. It was the one facing North East. Any of the others would put Cecyl into a place that wouldn’t bode well for his life. But, being the genius he was, the young man remembered the way. Pendragon University was a place for Warlocks and Witches. People like Cecyl. Not those that worshipped the devil, but those able to manipulate a source of magic.

True magicians.

“So, Solbaid,” Cecyl said with a confident smile, “You ready for the first day of slave school?”

The tall figure beside Cecyl stood nearly eight feet tall and was covered in straps, chains, and restraints, not that they hindered his movement. The only bits that showed through the suit of bindings was Solbaid’s long black hair and one pure red eye with the black insignia inside it. It was proof the Soul Binding was intact. Of course, it would stay intact should Cecyl die. This demon was a slave until he aged and died the true way.

“Are you ready?” The demon lord answered. Being one of the first fallen angels, Solbaid was powerful. Cecyl laughed in spite of himself. He was unbeatable with the creature at his command. These students would know the power and superiority of Cecyl Arklight!

“Obviously,” Cecyl told the figure, then stepped forward through the gateway.

A blinding light flashed, leaving every last bit of Cecyl’s vision white. This would be the Scanner that told the higher-ups in Pendragon what kind of Warlock Cecyl was and if he harbored any plans against them. His father had told him of this, but Cecyl had still jumped when it happened. Wasn’t there an easier way? Well, no use in complaining. It only lasted a minute exactly, but it felt like forever. Solbaid came into view as soon as it was over. He must have moved to defend Cecyl, as usual. The demon would be screwed if Cecyl died. Ironic.

“Nothing dangerous, slave,” Cecyl assured the demon, “Just a protection against the bad types out there.” He looked the demon over. The bindings and long black hair made him look creepy enough to be one of the bad ones. “Surprised it didn’t fry you though.”

“Light bothers me,” He said simply. For some reason, the demon always spoke in three words. No more, no less. Odd, but Cecyl couldn’t care less.

With his vision clearing up some more, he was able to make out the school directly ahead of them. It was large with five stories just at the front. Grand pillars supported the ceiling over the entrance and students, who were entering for class, looked like insects in comparison. Cecyl was a pillar, then. He was grander than any student here, surely. With a slave like Solbaid and his own geniocity, he was the greatest. He chuckled. Soon, they would understand.

“Let us go, slave,” Cecyl said, then headed for the entrance of Pendragon University.

The inside of the building was just as magnificent as the outside. Detailed paintings covered the wall, making the halls look like different places with each turn. The entrance hallway depicted a large scale battle between demons and angels. Solbaid looked disturbed by what he saw, but Cecyl didn’t blame him. The demons looked to be losing. Figures.

“Ah, you must be the new student.”

Cecyl looked to see an older woman. Though she looked to be in her early twenties, her eyes gave her away. There were black shapes floating around in them. Odd, what could a ShadowBinder be doing as a teacher?

“Yes, Miss Warden,” Cecyl replied looking around to see what other types of creature he could see. Using some of Solbaid’s power, he was able to sense some of them. One little kid, who looked about five years of age, was an Illusion Warlock. Another was a lycan. She was unmistakable with that scent. The boy who led her was somewhat different though. He seemed normal.

“..to follow that girl, OK?”

Cecyl realized that the Warden was talking to him. “I’m sorry, were you speaking?”

She looked irritated, but repeated herself. “I want you to follow that girl, OK? She is in your class and will lead you to where you need to go.”

Cecyl nodded. “Understood.”

He turned to leave, but was stopped by the Shadowbinder. “How did you know what I was?” Her golden eyes narrowed and she pushed several red locks out of her face. She was using her observational magic to peer into his soul. This was bad.

“I am a genius,” Cecyl replied quickly, then turned to follow the lycan. Solbaid followed, but only after staring at the Warden. Idiot. He probably just gave away his identity!

‘Oh well,’ Cecyl thought, ‘It’s time to start the reign of Cecyl Arklight!’

The End

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