The next morning, Midori had to wake Sayumi again. And of course, she did that by leaping on her. “Get up! We need you to go get makeup and your costume on! Today is the
big day!”

Sayumi was terrified when she went to see the instructor, and with good reason. The makeup artists took hours to put her makeup on, and the costume she had to wear was so
sparkly, Sayumi had a hard time seeing anything. After the instructor
and the other dancers left, Alfred came in and reminded her, “Now
Sayumi, don't forget when you see Prince Ruki being dragged out, you
have to dive in and go help him. We don't want him getting killed.”

Sayumi nodded and replied with confidence that she really didn't have, “Don't worry, I would never let him die.”

Ten minutes later, Sayumi and the other girls were getting set up on the stage, and doing a dress rehearsal. After they were finished, the instructor pulled her aside
and muttered, “I know I've been very hard on you these two weeks,
but you must know it is because I know you are the best dancer out
there. I want you to show the other royalty just how beautiful
Repremendant is, and you are the only one who can. Good luck.”
Sayumi was surprised to hear something like that from this snobbish
woman, but for a moment she wondered if the instructor seemed
familiar from somewhere. But before she could place it, the
instructor started barking commands again, and before Sayumi could
say anything to her, the instructor pushed her into center stage, and
then dived out of the way as the curtain started to raise.

As Sayumi started to perform her dance, she noticed Rakelle was near the front. Sayumi was very thankful for the makeup and cornrows, or she was worried Rakelle
would have recognized her. Sayumi felt her heart racing, from the
amount her body was moving, and also from the crippling fear she felt
for Ruki's life. She realized that she had finally learned to control
her fear, just like Ruki had told her to before the battle with Eliah
and the witch-zombies. A single tear fell from her right eye, and she
wished with all her heart that Ruki would be safe.

When she finished her final sweeping move, the royalty applauded more than she had expected. Sayumi felt a rush of pride that they were so impressed by her, and
she saw Rakelle was smiling at her. Sayumi almost smiled back, but
she didn't want Rakelle to recognize her right then. All the dancers
bowed, and the King announced, “Well, there you see the beauty of
Repremendant, now you will see the power!” He escorted the royals
towards the balcony outside the window, and when Sayumi and the
dancers followed, he winked at her again. Sayumi glared at him, but
kept her cool when she remembered that she was just about to save

“Behold, the mighty Reprandese army!” Sayumi watched as thousands of men walked out in formation into the massive training yard, and paraded around for a while as the
King bragged about their armor and swords. “Nothing can compare to
their power: each soldier wields the finest swords in the kingdom,
and armor made from the hardest iron of all; Golden Iron! Even
dragon's fire can't pierce it! That is how we managed to defeat the
dragon Goron's second attack ten years ago. Now, we shall witness
them destroying a very powerful warlock and troublemaker! Even the
evils of witch-craft can't beat my super soldiers!” Sayumi didn't
like the way he was so confident, but still she watched as they
opened the gates to the dungeon, and dragged Ruki and Shina out.

Sayumi nearly let out a scream at how beaten up Ruki was. He could hardly walk, and he was looking very pale. The guard threw him on the ground, and Sayumi couldn't take any
more. Just before the King gave the order for the soldiers to attack,
Sayumi dove over the balcony and flew like and arrow directly to
Ruki's side. The King shouted in anger, “What?! The dancer is the
Flying Flame Witch?! Well! All the better, we can kill all three of
them in one shot!”

Sayumi held Ruki's head in her lap, and the tears flowed on their own. “Ruki! Ruki, what have they done to you?!” Sayumi cried loudly. The sultan of Hetalia furrowed his
brow when he heard her, and asked his wife (with a thick accent),
“Wasn't 'Ruki' the name of King Takashi's son?” His wife nodded,
and sweat beaded on the King's brow. He shouted, “Now! Finish

The soldiers charged forward all at once, shouting something awful. Sayumi didn't even look up from Ruki, and she kissed him on the forehead. His eyes fluttered open, and he
whispered, “You take care of the soldiers first, then kiss me.”
Sayumi smiled, and held her hand towards the soldiers without looking
away from Ruki.

Sayumi closed her eyes, and her
seal glowed and fire burst from her hand. The blast grew larger and
larger until it reached about a quarter of the soldiers. The King let
out some loud laughter and shouted, “You fool! If a dragon's flame
can't penetrate my men then you can't either!”

Sayumi grinned even wider and as she closed her and and the flame disappeared, the King's jaw dropped with surprise. He gawked, “That's impossible!”

All the soldiers that her flame touched were now simply piles of ash, not even their bones had survived. Sayumi stood up and announced, “The Flying Flame Witch,
it has a nice ring to it. Unfortunately, I already have a name. My
name is Sayumi, and I don't like you messing with people I care

The King screamed at his remaining soldiers, “Don't just stand there!! FINISH HER!!”

The soldiers charged again, but not as fast as they had before. Sayumi looked at them and smiled cockily. She leaped into the air, and before the soldiers could even raise
their swords at her she had stolen one of their swords and a shield.
She dove towards them, and as she got closer, her sword glowed orange
with heat. She slashed and one soldier's arm, and his armor started
to melt. He shrieked as it burned his flesh, but when he grabbed it
with his other hand, it just ended up burning his other hand as well,
so he just ended up screaming and running his fastest to find water.

Sayumi parried with some of the soldiers, while in the process sending each one running for water to heal his burns. The King started to turn red from anger, and Sayumi
just smiled. Then, she leaped up into the air again, and just hovered
over the soldiers. Then, she clapped her hand and whistled. She was
calling for Kayo, but knowing it would take him a while to get there,
she also took a tree, and uprooted it while still hovering over the
soldiers. She moved it so she could drop it on the soldiers, but gave
them just enough time to dive out of the way. She caught about ten
under it, but only on the legs.

After she taunted the soldiers for about ten more minutes, Kayo leaped into the yard, and Sayumi dived onto his back. “Good to see you again, old chap!” Kayo neighed
happily and charged forward. Sayumi let out a whoop and put her arms
together. As she pulled them apart, a diamond sword formed between
them and she tossed the other one aside. She galloped through the
army and simply slashed their legs. She held the shield with her
other arm to protect her and Kayo, and when Kayo turned around for a
second assault, she saw that there weren't very many soldiers left.
Most had either been attacked and defeated, or fled. The ones that
remained were so worn out and scared that they weren't even attacking
anymore, but just simply accepting their fate.

Sayumi felt compassion for them, so
instead of injuring them further, she leaped off Kayo and knelt on
the ground. She opened up a portal, and teleported the remaining
soldiers to the outskirts of the city.

The King was just shy of throwing a
tantrum, and he was just about to storm out and go kill Sayumi
himself, when he nearly walked into Alfred. Alfred smiled and
announced, “Where are you going, my false highness?” The King
stared at Alfred, and just about lost it. Alfred explained, “My
kings and queens, sultan, you have just witnessed the attempted
murder of Prince Ruki, son of King Takashi the third. Want proof?
Bring him up Sayumi!”

Sayumi carried Ruki gently up to the balcony and Alfred showed them the burn on his arm. They gasped, and Midori cried out, “Hail King Ruki!” The servants joined in
the chant, and Rakelle shouted, “Arrest that man!” And pointed
straight at Ruki's uncle. The King looked around and glared at
everyone. But before he could say anything Midori put his hands in
shackles and muttered in his ear, “Looks like you're the one going
to be executed today... your 'highness'.” The King shouted as he
was dragged away, “Damn you, evil witch!”

Sayumi shrugged and got Ruki on his feet. He was much more alert now, and announced, “This is more than I could have ever hoped for, but I don't know if I'm ready to become

Sayumi kissed him on the cheek happily. “Don't worry, I'm here to help. I know how to run a kingdom, and we know what the people want. You will be the best king
Repremendant has ever seen!”

Ruki smiled and turned to her and added, “Will you be the best queen?” Sayumi was caught off-guard by Ruki's sudden proposal, but now joyful tears fell from her eyes as
she replied, “Of course I will! You would be lost without me!”
Sayumi hugged Ruki as gently as she could, and a thunderous applause
resounded throughout the palace. Rakelle shouted the loudest,
thrilled that the girl she loved as her own sister was finally going
to be happy.

They were married later that week, out in the countryside where Ruki had grown up. They invited all the people that had helped them, including all the innkeepers that had
housed them and all the witch-folk from Repremendant. Rakelle was the
maid of honor, and Haru was the best man. Ruki and Haru were still
healing from their wounds, but Ruki looked like he was floating on
air (at some points Haru had to pull him back down because he actually started
floating away). Sayumi was wearing Shina's old wedding dress (Shina
wouldn't leave her alone until she agreed) but it made her look more
beautiful than ever. After they recited their vows, and leaned in to
kiss, a bug flew into Sayumi's face and she screamed and accidentally
slapped Ruki in the face. Ruki was confused to say the least, but
when he realized what happened, he started giggling and pulled Sayumi
close and gave her a great big kiss. There was even more applause
than when Ruki proposed, and much more whooping and hollering.

Ruki took the throne as soon as their week-long honeymoon was done, and his first order of business when he became king, was to erase the order his uncle had made
against the witch-folk. His second, was to make it law that the
lord's couldn't take more than seven percent of their serf's income
in tax. He was very nervous, but having Sayumi by his side made
things much easier for him.

About a year later, Sayumi dashed through the palace calling, “Ruki! Ruki! Where are you?” Ruki dove out of one of the rooms and scooped her up with him. He
exclaimed happily, “You need something sweetheart?”

Sayumi blushed a bit and replied, “Well, actually Rakelle was telling me she wanted us to come visit. She says she has something she wants to show us.”

Ruki shrugged. “If you want to, I don't have anything better to do, I'll just tell Alfred to watch things while we're gone. With Haru and Midori dating, anything could
happen!” Sayumi laughed; that had been her major project of the
past year, and so far it was turning out well (Midori beat him when
he flirted with other girls, so he was learning quick).

Once they left Ruki asked, “Sayumi, do you ever regret marrying me?”

Sayumi was almost offended by such a question. “Ruki, of course I don't! What would ever make you think that?”

Ruki shrugged. “Just wondering. It just seems like you haven't gotten much action since becoming queen.”

Sayumi raised an eyebrow at him. “Ruki, I've had enough action to last a lifetime. I just want to relax for another at least ten years or so.” Ruki laughed and
hugged her, and they flew together towards Feresat.

“WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!!” Was the first thing out of Sayumi's mouth when she got there. She saw Rakelle wearing the queen's robes, and none other than Will, wearing
the king's crown and robes. “You two got married and we weren't

Rakelle blushed and begged, “I'm sorry we couldn't invite you, but that was when you two were off helping the elven King. You were too far away to make it in time.”

Sayumi grumbled as she hugged Rakelle, then she asked Will, “So what made you change your mind?”

Will sighed and replied, “My father almost forced me to. He said, 'It will help seal elven-human relations if you marry her! Just do it!! And give us lots of
grandsons!!'” Sayumi burst out laughing, and Will smiled. “It's
good to see you again, I'm glad you're doing well.” Sayumi almost
started crying, but instead gave Will the biggest hug ever and
mumbled, “I'm so glad you made the right choice!!” Rakelle
giggled, and Ruki smiled.

Sayumi took Rakelle for a walk into the garden, the one she used to escape to as a child. She asked, “Do you ever miss your parents?”

Rakelle sighed and replied, “Sometimes, but I'm glad that they weren't alive to see what Eliah had done to their kingdom. They would have been heartbroken.”

Sayumi nodded, and realized they had arrived at the 'sugar plum tree'. Sayumi sat under it, and asked, “What kind of tree is this?”

Rakelle replied, “This tree is a weeping cherry tree. It blossomed and bore fruit the season after Eliah and Ruki's uncle died. I used to think it was a sugar plum
tree, but then I realized something: sugar plum trees will only bloom
when touched by a unicorn, according to legend. And I had remembered
seeing this tree bloom once when I was very young. I also remember
hearing that weeping cherry trees do something similar: they won't
bear fruit while evil is in power. It is just a silly legend, but I
can't help but think it seems to apply in this case, don't you

Sayumi shrugged. “There was once a time when I didn't believe in faeries or witches and warlocks. Now I turned out to be one, not to mention I married one! And faeries are
definitely real, because a fire faerie helped me find my powers.”

Rakelle asked, “I never did get the chance to ask what that was like did I? Well, what was it like, becoming a witch? Did it hurt?”

Sayumi sighed and brought back those old memories. “It was sort of like a really intense bath, but inside my soul. I think what she did was burn away my hatred and all
my bad emotions. That left only a pure heart, and that's where witch
abilities lie, in the pure of heart. It hurt at first to let her burn
away my anger, my hatred. It was my crutch that I used as an excuse
for all the actions I made that were wrong. But once they were gone,
I didn't miss them. Now I feel so utterly free, it's almost like I
can become anything I want, and I love it. I wish you had powers too
Rakelle, but witch powers don't run in your family.”

Rakelle smiled. “I don't need powers. I'm happy enough just to be alive. You know, if Will would have said he would only agree to marry me if I went across the ocean
with him, I would have done it without hesitation.”

Sayumi smiled and nodded. “I know you would have.” Then the girls heard Will and Ruki calling them, and they sprinted happily away. They felt no worry or anxiety as they
ran to face their new worlds as queens, leaving all fear to rest on
the weeping cherry tree.

The End

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