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The next morning, Midori woke her up by jumping on her. “Wake up sleepy head! We have to practice that dance soon, get up!”

Sayumi moaned with pain and exhaustion, but she started to sit up. She saw a mannequin standing at the foot of the bed, and on it was the strangest outfit Sayumi had
ever seen. She remembered seeing something like it somewhere, but she
couldn't remember where. Midori twirled around, clearly full of
energy and very happy. “This is your practice outfit. You will wear
something like it when you perform, but it will be much prettier.
Alfred explained to the instructor that you don't know the dance, but
he told her that you are known for your dancing skills. Now, if push
comes to shove, I can help you dance by moving your body with my
mind, but we are hoping I don't have to. So, get into the outfit and
we will see what you can do.”

Sayumi put on the outfit which consisted of: a top that was made of long tight sleeves and a thin covering for her chest, and trousers that were tight at the hips and
ankles, but very loose everywhere else. Midori smiled mischievously
and ordered, “Mimic what I do.” Midori put her feet shoulder
width apart, and started to roll her hips. Sayumi had never really
done this sort of dance before, since all they taught her as a
princess was ballroom dancing. Sayumi tried to mirror Midori's
movement, but found her hips didn't roll as smoothly as Midori's.
Midori then started to move the rest of her body in an almost
wave-like motion, and Sayumi nearly fell over when she tried it. But
after about ten minutes, Sayumi was starting to get the hang of this
form of dance. Midori smiled and announced, “You may not need my
help after all. You have a natural talent in dancing, so this should
be easy. Just remember: you are lead, so you won't have to worry
about following the other girls exactly. You will be doing something
completely separate from them. Let's go find your instructor.”

The instructor wasn't as impressed with Sayumi as Midori was to say the least. As they started to work on the choreography, the instructor shouted, “Lead! You must be
less stiff, let your body flow more, like a liquid! You are stiff as
a board! I thought I would have a professional to work with, not an
amateur like you! Where is my assistant, I asked for a drink an hour
ago!!” Sayumi wanted to slap this woman; she was even snobbier than
a queen. Sayumi did what she said, but every five minutes the
instructor was yelling something else at her or one of the other
girls. Sayumi wasn't sure she could survive this for the two weeks
until they performed.

After about eight hours of practice, Sayumi just wanted to strangle the instructor. As her and Midori walked back to their room, Midori exclaimed, “That woman is
the biggest snob ever. Who does she think she is? Goodness, she is
working you girls to the bone!”

Sayumi sighed tiredly, “I don't know, but I don't know if I can last for two weeks of this.”

Midori patted her on the shoulder gently and murmured, “You will definitely be able to. Just remember that this will help you save Ruki, and I know it will help. You
aren't doing this for you, you are doing it for him.”

Sayumi nodded, and once they reached their room, they found their dinner already there waiting for them. They inhaled it, not even caring about how messily they ate.
Sayumi was so beat from all the work they had done that day, she
almost fell asleep before she changed out of her practice uniform.
Once she managed to get it off, she just fell on the bed and started

This continued in the same way for the rest of the week. By the end of the week, Sayumi was so sore she could hardly move, and her dancing hadn't improved much. The
instructor had ordered her to take a day and just rest, hoping she
would dance better if she wasn't so sore. Sayumi lay in bed and
sighed. “I'm not going to be good enough to dance for the King by
the end of this week.”

Midori burst out laughing. “Sayumi! It doesn't matter if you are good enough or not! You are dancing for the King, even if you fall flat on your face you will do it. Besides,
I will make sure you don't make a complete fool of yourself. But when
it comes time to save Ruki and Shina, you are on your own. I have to
stay here so I can make sure no one gets out of hand and does
something stupid. Besides, I would have to call my familiar to fly,
and that would be very obvious and would take a long time.”

Sayumi replied tiredly, “I know. I just wish I didn't have to dance. Why couldn't I do something
easier, like singing?”

Midori laughed. “Trust me, singing isn't easier. You may think it is, but I used to perform all
forms of art before witch-folk were seen as evil. Singing was the
hardest, next to acting and singing at the same time.”

Sayumi smiled. “I knew there was something about you that you weren't telling me. I can see it from you, you are very talented.”

Midori smirked, a hint of sadness in her face. “Well, you have something I envy as well. I don't have someone to love me, someone to risk my life for like this. Not that I
don't have someone I care for, but he doesn't notice me like that.
Besides, he is too busy flirting with other girls to want a committed

Sayumi instantly knew who she was talking about. “Midori, I didn't realize you liked Haru.”

Midori shrugged. “Not like it's going anywhere. Hikari likes him too, but she is too young for him, she is barely a teenager. I'm closer to his age, but he just wants a
casual fling. I don't want something like that so he ignores me.”

Sayumi wanted to cry for Midori. “Midori, that's awful.”

Midori shrugged again, and didn't say anything. Sayumi looked into her mind, and saw images of Haru flirting with countless different girls, and realized just how hard
she was going to have to beat Haru when she got home.

After her rest day, Sayumi went back to practicing the dance. She found the moves came more naturally, even if the instructor was still yelling at her. Every
time she messed up and the instructor got her assistant to hit Sayumi
with a switch, she just remembered that Ruki was locked up in a cell
somewhere, and that she had to go save him. That alone was enough to
get her through the second week.

The day of the banquet came, and the royalty arrived. Sayumi watched from her window as she saw the Hetalian sultan and his wife come in first. They rode in a
beautifully decorated carriage pulled by the famous four white
Southern Barb stallions. And then Sayumi suddenly remembered that
Rakelle was now the last of the Feresat royal family. Sayumi had no
idea what Rakelle would do, but to her shock she saw Will driving her
carriage. Will looked sharp, wearing the finest of suits and even
boots made from snakeskin. Sayumi wondered how much convincing it had
taken Rakelle to get Will to drive her carriage in that get up, but
what she saw next surprised her even more.

One of the doors of the carriage
opened, and a man dressed in a general's uniform stepped out. Then he
held out his hand and escorted Rakelle out of the carriage. Sayumi
gaped as Rakelle walked towards the main doors of the palace, holding
the arm of a strange man. Rakelle! Rakelle it's me! Who is that

Sayumi? Rakelle glanced around, then added, This is the man posing as my fiance until I
can find someone I want to marry. Will is dead set against marrying
me, even though he claims he loves me. I can't wait too long or the
throne will be taken from me, I don't have time to wait for his
nonsense! I love him so, but enough is enough! Sayumi could
almost taste the bitterness in Rakelle's reply. Are you sure this
is the right path?

Rakelle vanished inside and replied with unwavering confidence, Absolutely!

Sayumi tried hard to sleep, but the noise of the feasting and her nervousness about dancing tomorrow kept her awake. She decided it wouldn't hurt to go look for Will and give
him a good slap. Sayumi got up, and put on Midori's servant uniform,
since Midori was already fast asleep. She started walking down the
hall, careful to keep her head low and mimic the way she had seen the
other servants walk. She figured he would either be in the servant's
quarters, or by the stable. She decided to check the stable first,
and that is where she found him.

“Will what the hell is wrong with you?!” She roared as she walked up to him. At first Will didn't recognize her, but once he got past the cornrows he sighed. Sayumi
continued, “Are you trying to break Rakelle's heart? Because that's
what you're doing! I know her better than you Will, this is exactly
the way she acted when she was in love with one of the servants!”

Will looked down, unable to meet her gaze. “I can't marry her, so she might as well find someone who can take care of her.”

Sayumi slapped him hard. “You idiot! You're just going to throw your love away like that?! You are just going to end up hurting her and yourself!”

“Well what choice do I have?” Will shouted back. “You know I can't become king!”

“You can just as much as anyone! The King of Repremendant's general is an elf, so why can't you be king? You are just scared, scared to mess up! Well I've got news for
you: if you spend your whole life worrying you will mess up, you will
never accomplish anything!!” Sayumi slapped him again, then she
stormed off back to the palace.

The End

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