A Rescue PlotMature

All the while, Alfred was overseeing the military demonstration that was to be preformed to display the power of the royal army. The basic idea was just to have the army
march around for a while, then have Ruki and Shina dragged in and the
army would kill them to show how effective the soldiers were. Alfred
didn't like doing this, but he was still confident that Sayumi would
find a way to save them. Also, the torturer had strict orders that he
was not to use a Death stone on Ruki before the battle. This was a
precaution in case Sayumi wasn't ready to save him so he would have a
fighting chance. Alfred was barking orders to the soldiers as they
ran through what was going to happen (minus Sayumi jumping in to save
Ruki), and Alfred was sure the banquet was just what Sayumi needed to
get into the castle and save the kingdom.

Later, after Sayumi and Midori ran through the plan a few more times, Midori left to go find Alfred and make him stop watching Sayumi. Midori had the ability to become
invisible for a short period of time, but it was just enough time to
pas by the guards and get into the palace. Midori was greeted by the
feast preparations, a perfect cover for her to get through the
palace. Midori weaved in between people sewing new curtains made of
the finest fabrics, and people dragging the finest furniture through
the biggest doors Midori had ever seen. Midori dashed through the
palace, looking for Alfred.

When she found him in the training yard, Midori wondered how she could talk to him privately. Since elves were immune to her thoughts, she would have to lure him away
some other way. She decided she would have to be invisible, and she
could just drag him with her hand. Midori turned invisible, then she
dashed into the training yard and grabbed Alfred's arm. “I need to
talk to you in private. Right now.” She whispered in his ear, and
she dragged him in a way that made it look the least strange to the

“Alright, so you're the King's sidekick that's been stalking Sayumi, am I right?” Midori glared at him, doing her best to intimidate him.

Alfred held up his hands and replied, “Yes, but its not for the reasons you think. I've been
reporting her to the King just to avoid his suspicions.”

Midori didn't budge. “Then you had better give a believable explanation quick or I'm just going to blind you and cut out your tongue.”

Alfred cleared his throat and murmured, “I'm on a mission from the Elven King to observe the movements of the King of Repremendant, because my king fears he may be planing to start a mass war, and cause the deaths of so many innocent people. So what I'm supposed to do is make sure the lost Prince isn't killed, and that he takes the throne before the current King can cause this disaster. With Sayumi being in the picture now, and being the witch from the prophecy, this makes my job easier. I can help Sayumi get into the palace, and I can make sure she gets into a position where she can save Ruki and show he's the Prince in front of the other royalty. That way, the King can't deny it and will be forced to step down. I have enough evidence to prove who Ruki is, and that way we can save Shina and Ruki from their current fate.”

Midori asked with mild suspicions, “And that is?”

Alfred's expression darkened, “Being the victims of a military demonstration. Normally Ruki could defeat the soldiers, but in his current state there is no chance.
They have been using Death stones to make sure he can't escape.”

Midori's eyes widened with horror, and she asked, “Is there anything you want me to tell Sayumi?”

Alfred replied, “Tell her to come to the outside fortress walls after sunset tonight, and I will tell her all she needs to know.” Midori nodded, and she turned invisible
again and flew off as quickly as she could. Alfred walked over to his
crystal ball, and found it was no longer watching Sayumi. A note was
pasted to it saying, “Just in case you were thinking of betraying
us I made this focus on a local drunk, and you won't be able to
change it back.” Alfred smiled and took the crystal ball, and
smashed it on the ground.

“He wants me to go where?” Sayumi asked when Midori explained what happened.

Midori repeated, “He said to 'come to outside the fortress walls after sunset tonight'. I assume that means those massive walls built around the palace to protect in
case of war breaking out. I don't know if we should trust him, but
the Death stone torture makes sense in the way that it's impossible
to communicate with Ruki. It also explains why he was able to get a
very short message to you, but was suddenly cut off.”

Sayumi nodded, and was silent as she thought about what Alfred had said. Eventually she sighed, “Well we really don't have anything else to go on, but you should come with
me and scout to make sure he isn't going to betray us.”

Midori clapped her hands together. “I didn't even think of that! That's a good plan.” Midori then leaned back in her chair and added, “So now all we can do now is

There was silence between them for a while, then Sayumi exclaimed, “Midori, how did you get your hair like that?”

Midori glanced at her and replied proudly, “This is a southern style of braiding called cornrows. I could do it on you if you want.” Sayumi's eyes lit up and Midori
laughed. “I can even put some extensions in to make your hair look
longer. Its actually a good way to disguise yourself, since your hair
is distinctly short. We will also have to do something with that seal
on your hand. Maybe I can paint it into a design or something.”
Midori kept talking about how she would make sure Sayumi looked so
different that they wouldn't recognize her as she braided Sayumi's
hair into cornrows, adding in hair extensions as she went.

By the time Midori was done Sayumi had long braids going along her scalp towards the back, and formed long, small braids that reached her waist. The ends were tied with
beads that made it so whenever Sayumi moved they made jangling
noises. Sayumi remembered how much she liked having long hair, and
she found she liked having cornrows almost as much. Midori marveled
at her work, and sighed happily, “It looks even better than mine.
You look so pretty Sayumi.”

Midori handed Sayumi a small mirror so she could see, and Sayumi gasped at how different she looked. It was strange for her to not have hair in her face; even when she had
long hair she had bangs that nearly covered her eyes. This style made
her face open up more, and Sayumi wasn't sure if she liked it or not.
But she couldn't deny it looked good.

Midori gave Sayumi a cloak, and they started for the palace at sunset. Midori explained as they rode some spare horses, “We will leave the horses out of view of the
palace, and I will scout quickly to make sure it's not a trap. I'll
tell you what it looks like before you leave hiding with the horses.
Sound good?” Sayumi nodded, and they rode swiftly towards the

It didn't take long for them to reach the place to leave the horses. Midori dismounted and ran towards the palace, turning invisible mid-stride. Sayumi watched from
under her hood as Midori ran up towards the palace, completely
unseen. She waited for a long time, while it seemed that nothing was
happening. Then, suddenly Midori reappeared beside her and announced,
“I didn't see anything suspicions, lets go!”

They rode their horses up the short path to the palace, being careful to make as little noise as possible. Sayumi felt her heart start to pound with fear, knowing the
King's reputation as she did. And the fact that he had managed to
outsmart Ruki also scared her. But she was so determined to save Ruki
and Shina that it didn't matter to her how afraid she was. They rode
up to a man leaning against the wall, and for a moment Sayumi was
confused. When Midori told her he was an elven man, she was expecting
someone like Will: muscular, but slender at the same time. But this
elf was so thin he looked almost ill, and he was much older than she
had expected. He looked middle-aged, old enough to be her father.

The elf smiled, showing off the wrinkles forming on his face. “So you are Sayumi huh?” He
commented quietly. “You changed your hair since I last saw you. It
looks good on you, you look more exotic. That's a good quality, since
you will be dancing for the King in two weeks.”

Sayumi scowled at him and replied, “And when did you decide that?”

He shrugged. “I figured you would rather be a dancer than a servant.” Sayumi thought for a moment, then nodded in agreement. The elf smiled again and added, “My name
is Colonel Alfred of the Elven King's First Battalion. It's a
division that deals with making sure you humans don't try genocide or
anything stupid like that, which is what my King fears will happen if
the current King of Repremendant stays in power. As of right now, we
can be beneficial to each other. My mission is to take down the King
in a non-suspicious manner, and your goal is to free Prince Ruki. If
we work together, we can both get what we want; we must make Prince
Ruki king.” Midori and Sayumi displayed mirror expressions of
shock. Sayumi asked, “And how do you propose we do that?”

Alfred replied with confidence, “This is how it will work: In two weeks, the banquet with the royal families from the three main kingdoms will commence, and on the
second day of feasting there will be a traditional dance that will be
performed. You will be the lead in the dance. Don't worry, I will
have someone teach the dance to you beforehand. Immediately following
the dance, there will be a display of military force and efficiency.
This will involve the Royal Army marching in formation for about ten
minutes, then they will bring Prince Ruki and Shina out and will kill
them in front of the royalty. Prince Ruki will not have a Death stone
used on him for an hour before the demonstration, but he is still
incredibly weak and injured so he won't last long. This is where you
come in.

“The dancers are allowed to watch, so as soon as they bring Prince Ruki out and leave him
unattended, you will fly down and help him and Shina. After you have
disabled the soldiers (preferably not killing them if possible), I
will begin telling how Prince Ruki is the true prince, and I will
offer proof. There is also a mark on Prince Ruki's left forearm that
I have seen, and it is the mark they brand onto first-born princes so
they can make sure to find them if they get lost or kidnapped. We
will have to show the other royalty this. I know the King won't do
anything stupid in front of the other royalty, thus he will step down
and Prince Ruki will take his rightful place as king.”

Sayumi raised an eyebrow and asked, “How do you know that? What if he tries to kill Ruki himself?”

Alfred stared Sayumi in the eyes, understanding showing in his face. “I know you have faced an enemy that was far more cruel than this, but understand that the King cares
more for his own image than power. He would rather look good than
keep the throne. I have stood by him for more than twenty years, I
know this man very well.”

Sayumi nodded slowly, still having doubts about the King. Then Alfred announced, “Well, we need to get you into the palace! Sorry, Midori, we only have room for one. Unless
you want to be her maid?”

Midori shrugged. “I could do that.”

Alfred smiled. “Excellent! Now, we will go in the main gates. But Midori, you will have to lead Sayumi's horse since you are the maid, and I will have to ride yours.
It's just to avoid suspicions.”

Midori glared at Alfred, but did what he said. They walked around the circular wall, until they reached the gate. When they did, Alfred shouted something over the
wall. The gates opened just enough for them to get through, and they
rode through.

Sayumi was amazed at how much they were preparing for the banquet. They were actually building an addition to the palace to house all the royalty comfortably. All the
servants were in bed now, so the courtyard was very quiet. Alfred led
them to the stables, and they got the horses settled nicely in their
stalls (which were much roomier than most of the other ones Sayumi
had been seeing for the past two weeks). Sayumi was starting to
remember what it was like to be royalty, and she found herself
feeling like it didn't suit her very well. Midori definitely didn't
appreciate being a servant, but she knew as well as the others that
it would be suspicious otherwise.

They ran into the King soon, and Alfred explained that their lead dancer was held up in her journey from near Hetalia. The King believed him, and when he saw Sayumi he
kissed her hand saying, “I cannot wait to see you dance, I'm sure
you will captivate me.” Sayumi wanted so badly to just kill him
right then and there and get it over with, but she restrained herself
to go along with Alfred's plan. As the King left them, he winked at
her and she nearly lost it. Midori pulled gently on her hand and
whispered, “Don't do anything stupid yet. We just got here.”

Alfred set them up in a room next to the other dancer's rooms, and Sayumi was so relieved to see a bed like the one she used to sleep in. If she had missed anything about
royal life it was the soft beds filled with feathers and sheep's
wool. Midori had never slept on a bed so fine, and even though the
maid's bed was much smaller, it was still better than anything she
had ever slept on. Midori dived onto the bed and let out a blissful
sigh. “Is this how you used to live all the time?”

Sayumi nodded. “It is definitely easy to get used to.” Sayumi fell onto the bed, and felt the
softness instantly sooth her aching muscles that she hadn't even
noticed until now. She wondered where Ruki was in the palace, and
found her muscles weren't the only thing that was aching. Sayumi
missed him so much, and fearing for his life didn't help her nerves.
She tried to stay awake, but the stress of what was happening just
drained away all her energy and she fell asleep like a rock.

The End

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