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Ruki and Will were in the main hall where Eliah's throne had been set up, and they were in a bit of a bind. Eliah was seated on his throne, protected by a witch who specialized in creating force fields (and of course, as usual he was laughing his creepy egotistical laugh). In between him and Ruki and Will, there as a legion of witch-folk soldiers, each specializing in different things. Ruki and Will hadn't advanced on them yet, and when Sayumi got there, Ruki ordered, “Will, you protect Rakelle. Me and Sayumi are going to take care of them.”

Sayumi added quickly, “Must we kill them? They are only doing this because Eliah will kill them otherwise.”

Ruki sighed. “Yes we do: Eliah has brain-washed them, and unless we kill him, there is no way to save them. So kill as few of them as possible, and go straight for Eliah. Then we will have a chance to save them.”

“Come on traitor, you must have a better plan than that.” Eliah called from his throne. “I haven't brain-washed them. I found a talented brain surgeon, and I got him to kill their emotions. There is no way to save them, their only loyalty is to me. And if you kill me, they will become ruthless killers that will kill for no reason.”

“So in other words, you.” Sayumi retorted angrily.

Eliah threw back his head in laughter. “Oh, so he brought you too, Monster? Well, this makes things more interesting, I was hoping to watch you die too.” He clapped his hands a few times, then proclaimed, “Kill them, my pets! Leave no evidence!”

Sayumi watched with new fear as the first row of the legion slowly raised their arms, and flaming swords formed in each of their hands. Sayumi breathed a sigh of relief, and turned to Ruki saying, “Don't worry, I got these ones.” Then, Sayumi flew up into the air and just above all everyone so she could see her targets clearly, and she sheathed her sword. Ruki almost shouted at her, but he watched as the fire seal on her hand glowed, and Sayumi held out her hands, and the witch-folk wielding the fire swords all burst into flame. Their dying screams were hollow and emotionless, and before long they were reduced to ashes and armor.

Needless to say, Eliah was displeased with this performance by his men (and women). He was tempted to say something, but he was still confident that they wouldn't make it through this wave. The second row of witch-soldiers stepped over the first one's remains, and when they raised their arms, a deafening crack resounded through the castle, and boulders smashed through the walls of the castle. Sayumi dived back as the boulders hurtled towards where she had just been standing. Once the rubble settled and everyone was accounted for, Sayumi got up and coughed as she inhaled some dust. Ruki helped her stand up, and he glared at the rocks that were now blocking their way. There was a rock avalanche, and around half of the witch-folk ended up being buried.

Eliah roared with rage, “Kill them you morons! Stop with this stupid child's play, KILL THEM!!!” The remaining of the legion charged at Sayumi and Ruki, who dashed forward to meet them.

Sayumi let out a yell as she dived into another witch, and Ruki started sparring with other warlocks while throwing boulders at them. Sayumi found herself being surrounded by witches, and as they started to descend on her, she made a shoving motion with her arms and fire burst out from all around her, incinerating anyone within a few feet of her. She leaped to her feet, to find another witch slashing at her face immediately. She quickly blocked her blows with her arm, and gasped as her armor was eaten away in the places the witch touched. Sayumi looked at the witch, and saw acid dripping from her fingers.

Sayumi had never seen acid like that before, and she found herself being pushed backward as she avoided the acid witch's deadly grasp. Ruki! How do I kill a witch when I can't let her touch me!

Ruki replied, Get behind her and attack that way! Sayumi couldn't dodge in time, and the witch managed to touch one finger to the side of Sayumi's face (she refused to keep her visor down). Sayumi shrieked as the acid burned her flesh, eating away at her face. But the witch kept attacking, not caring about Sayumi's pain. Sayumi held her hand up to her face, and glared furiously at the witch. She leaped over the witch, and before the witch could attack again Sayumi decapitated her.

Sayumi groaned as the acid kept eating her cheek, and she found it harder and harder to keep avoiding blows from the witch-folk soldiers. A young warlock smashed her helmet with the hilt of his sword, and Sayumi fell to her knees. Sayumi noticed the world around her starting to blur, and she reached for the bag Will had given her earlier. She found inside it a small whistle, and she blew it as hard as she could.

A shrill noise came from it, and she found the world starting to come back into focus again. Time seemed to slow for a while, and Sayumi saw suddenly the fire faerie that had helped her before fluttering in front of her face. The little faerie touched Sayumi's face where the acid had eaten away at, and Sayumi felt the skin burn all over again, but the pain ceased soon after. The faerie then touched her seal again, and disappeared.

Sayumi blinked, and all was back to normal. She barely moved in time to miss the warlock's second blow as she remembered where she was. Sayumi found her body starting to move on its own, her sword being plunged through the warlock's chest. She stared at what she had just done, and she whispered, “What's happening to me?” But before she could think further, more witch-folk were lunging at her with various powers all working at the same time. Sayumi dodged one's water attack, and thrust her open palm in their direction. A spray of lava hit the water witch, and instantly engulfed her. It solidified almost immediately. Sayumi found the witch-folk soldiers didn't seem as intimidating as before, and was defeating them with ease.

Eliah watched with utter rage as his trained witch-soldiers were being slaughtered like animals. He roared, “Have I not trained you well enough you wastes of air?!” His face became twisted with rage, and he stood up. He took his sword, and cut the force-field witch in half. The force-field disappeared, and Eliah walked calmly through the scrimmage.

He made as straight shot to Sayumi, and as she destroyed the last few soldiers that were attacking her, Eliah called, “Ready to fight someone closer to your level, Monster?”

Sayumi whirled around and snarled when she saw him, “Finally! I've been waiting for this! After what you've done to my kind and the people of Feresat, you don't deserve to live!!” Sayumi lunged at him, propelling herself forward at incredible speed. Just when she was about to make her kill, Eliah stepped to the side, and Sayumi dove right past him. Eliah called after her, “Is that the best you can do, my little abomination?” Then, he dashed towards her with his own sword poised for the final blow. Sayumi parried his sword, and the pair sparred for a few blows. Sayumi formed a ball of fire in her hand and threw it at Eliah, but when it hit him it was absorbed by him. Sayumi scowled with confusion, and Eliah laughed. “You fool!! I may not want to become an abomination like you, but these Death stones make me immune to witch-folk's attacks! You can't use your powers on me!”

Sayumi shouted with rage, “Like Hell I can't!” And she held out her hand, and all the Death stones on his person were ripped out, and without touching them, Sayumi formed them into a large arrowhead. Eliah stared at it with horror as Sayumi smashed it through the window. Sayumi smirked at him and asked, “Where's your trump card now?”

Eliah glared at her, and they parried with their swords again. Sayumi could see Eliah was tiring, and that sweat was forming on his brow. As she blocked his blows she growled as tears formed in her eyes, “I thought you were the one for me Eliah. I thought you were going to marry me and we would rule this kingdom together, and be happy for the rest of our lives. I loved you Eliah!” She slashed his bad arm, creating a gash in it. Eliah moaned with pain, but kept sparring with her. He replied with a laugh, “I knew from the first time I saw you that you had witch in your blood. I never intended to marry you, how could anyone love something as disgusting and ugly as you!!”

Sayumi's eyes widened, and as the tears flowed down her face, and didn't even notice that they were evaporating. She glared through her tears at Eliah, and suddenly, she burst into flame. Her seal burned the brightest, and as her armor melted off her and her clothes burned up, she screamed, “You broke my heart and tortured my sister, now you pay!!” She leaped on him, and as he burned, he tried to stab her, but the sword melted in his hand. Sayumi got off him, and snapped her finger and her fire went out. She glared at his burning remains, and she spat on him.

Not long after, the soldiers were all killed, and Sayumi was seeing that the people from the dungeon were getting proper medical attention and food. As she burned the bodies outside, Sayumi felt a hollowness creep inside her heart. Ruki came outside to join her, and as he put his arm around her she murmured, “I killed them Ruki.”

The End

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