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Sayumi blinked a few times and sighed. “Well, should we do that now then?”

Haru blurted, “That can wait until after the party can't it? I want to pick up some witches!”

Ruki smacked Haru upside the head and scolded, “You won't be picking up anyone Haru. I think finding out if Sayumi is a witch is more important than your love life right now.”

Haru pouted, but didn't protest any further. Before they could talk any more, Midori came back, but she smiled and walked right by them. Ruki nodded to her, and he told them, “Midori knows we can't make it, and she says that around here it's pointless to wait and have secret conversations until people are out of earshot, since all the people that live here are witch-folk, if they want to listen to your conversation they can just read your mind anyway. She also left our horses out front, so we should leave now.” Haru was still pouting, so Ruki sighed and added, “Fine Haru, you can stay. Just try to stay out of trouble. You aren't a warlock so you have a major disadvantage to these people.” Haru smiled and nodded eagerly. As the trio walked out of the building, Haru called, “Good luck Sayumi!”

Will told them that faeries didn't like to be summoned to cities, so they had to ride out into the countryside again. By the time they got there, Sayumi was having doubts again. “Will, what if this doesn't work? How will I be able to stop Eliah if I have no powers? There's no way I can kill him with my meager sword skills, not even with you two by my side.”

Will replied with confidence, “Don't worry Sayumi. Even if your powers aren't what you hope them to be, there is always hope. However, I fear Eliah may be much more powerful than we realize so let's hope you have some intense abilities for us to work with.” Sayumi nodded, and after a while Will decided they were far enough away from civilization to try summoning a faerie.

Will reached in his saddlebag and pulled out a small flute-like instrument, and explained, “This is actually just a regular flute, but if you play a certain song on a flute, you can attract faeries. They love music, and they also love sweets. Would either of you happen to have a piece of cake, or some biscuits?”

Sayumi glared at him and replied tartly, “You could have told us this before we left, we could have grabbed some. No we don't have any sweets.”

Will shrugged, “It's not mandatory, but it helps for negotiating with the stubborn ones.” Before Sayumi could ask anything more, Will put the flute to his mouth and started playing the most sweet, entrancing melody Sayumi had ever heard.

As the gentle notes drifted into the air, Sayumi thought she could hear singing in the distance. And as the song continued, the singing got louder, and after a while she saw what looked like a firefly drift towards them. It twirled and rose and fell, like it was dancing. And as it got closer, she realized it was in fact dancing, and was definitely not a firefly.

Once Will finished the song, the small faerie clapped her hands and cried, “That was a beautiful song, thank you!”

Will replied with a smile, “You are welcome, little fire faerie.” The fire faerie was no more than six inches tall, and her wings were like that of a butterfly. They were splattered with all the colors of fire, and Sayumi almost thought they were on fire for a moment. The faerie asked shyly, “So what did you call me for?”

Will replied, “Little one, do you know anything of helping a witch discover her powers?”

The faerie replied after a short pause, “Well, I've been told how to do it, but I haven't actually done it before.”

Will smiled gently and scooped her up like a feather. “That will do just fine. Now, do you think you could do that for us? My friend, Sayumi, needs help discovering her powers. We were hoping you could help us with that. We need it done as quickly as possible.”

The fire faerie giggled and replied, “I will try. But for someone as inexperienced as me, it may not be very quick. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day.”

Will replied, “Don't worry about that, just do your best.” The fire faerie nodded, then she flew over to Sayumi, and Sayumi held out her hands so the faerie could land in them. The faerie announced, “Okay, so how this will work is I have to reach deep into your heart, and make sure it has pure intentions, and if it does, I will set to work digging out the powers. I will do this by putting you into a deep sleep, and I will use my magic to cleanse you. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit and it has no side affects. Well, except since I'm a fire faerie I have to burn the fire seal on your right hand when I'm done. It's just proof that you were helped by a fire faerie, and it will give you extra capabilities with using fire.”

Sayumi shrugged. “Sounds good to me. Want to get started now?”

The faerie nodded, and she flew and touched her fingers to both Sayumi's eyes and whispered, “Sweet dreams, and let my fire cleanse you.”

Sayumi was out like a light, and the faerie flew down onto Sayumi's chest and placed her hands over Sayumi's heart. Ruki asked with worry, “There's absolutely no side affects to this?”

The faerie replied quickly, “None, now I'm sorry but I need all my concentration to do this, so please be quiet.” Ruki nodded, a scowl forming from frustration and worry. Will chuckled and patted Ruki on the shoulder. “Don't worry,” he chided, “Your precious Sayumi will be fine.” Ruki blushed, and Will laughed a few more times before the fire faerie shushed him again.

After a few long hours of the faerie sitting with her hands over Sayumi's heart, the faerie fluttered up and sat on Sayumi's head. She placed her hands over Sayumi's head, as close to her temples as her short arms would allow, and didn't move any more. Ruki looked at Will, worry and frustration causing wrinkles to form in his face. Will covered his mouth to try and hold in his laughter, and the faerie shushed him yet again.

Just after sunset, the faerie leaped off Sayumi's head, and pulled out a small wand. She pointed it at Sayumi and chanted some words in a language neither Will nor Ruki had ever heard before. The wand glowed bright orange, and a blast of fire shot out of it and slowly engulfed Sayumi. Kayo dashed out from under Sayumi, his eyes wide with fear. Sayumi hung in midair for a while, fire swirling around her. Then suddenly, a bright light flashed, and Sayumi let out a blood-curdling scream. Then she slumped to the ground, completely naked. Ruki leaped of his horse and dashed over to her. He held her head in his hand and shouted, “Sayumi! Sayumi, are you alright?”

Whoa, what happened? Ruki nearly fell backwards from shock. He hadn't expected to hear her voice in his head like that. He replied out loud, “Are you hurt?”

Well, my hand is burned, but other than that I'm fine. Would you mind lending me your cloak or something? It's cold out here. Ruki then remembered she was naked, and hastily wrapped her up in his cloak. The faerie smiled and announced, “Looks like my work here is done, I'm glad I could help. Please use your powers wisely!” And with that, the faerie kissed Will on the cheek, and flew away.

As Sayumi sat up, she felt as though she had been opened up to a whole different world. She held up her right hand, and saw the seal. It was a foreign symbol, and as Will saw it, he gasped. “It's the written language of faeries. I've never seen it written by a faerie like that before. It means strength literally, but it is commonly used to represent fire. It's incredible, such a clean burn too.”

Sayumi wondered what powers she had other than thought projecting and reading minds, so she stared at a stick on the ground. To her surprise, it lifted off the ground. She twirled it around in the air, and a smile crawled over her face. She stared intensely at it, and it burst into flames.

Ruki watched, impressed that she could do that so easily. It took most witch-folk a few years to ignite things like that. And suddenly, Sayumi leaped into the air, and Ruki gasped as she stayed there, floating just like he could.

Will was also shocked, and he exclaimed, “Unbelievable! I've never seen a witch who could fly before!”

Sayumi smiled and turned to Ruki, “Wow, this is amazing! You must love being able to fly!”

Ruki smiled, and replied, “Of course, now get down. We have to head back home now.” Sayumi drifted back to earth, and mounted Kayo again.

After about ten minutes of galloping, Sayumi couldn't imagine how she had ever lived without these powers. As Kayo galloped beneath her, Sayumi slowly lifted off him and flew beside him. Kayo looked at her like she was insane, but kept galloping. Sayumi exclaimed gleefully, “Kayo, I bet you wish you could fly!”

Kayo snorted. Not really, I'm fine without it. Sayumi looked around, wondering where that strange voice in her head had come from. Kayo tossed his head and neighed, and Sayumi scowled at him. You can understand me?

Kayo neighed happily. Of course I can! I'm your familiar after all. Sayumi blinked a few times from confusion, and replied, I thought a witch's familiar was a centicorn. Kayo kicked his back legs up and tossed his head. Not always, a witch's familiar can also be an animal that they are very attached to. Besides, I'm way cooler than any centicorn around. Sayumi smiled, and flew back into the saddle. She asked aloud, “Well, if you are my familiar, then can I make you fly by riding you?”

Kayo snorted. I guess you could, but you really don't have to since you can already fly. Sayumi smiled, feeling a new sense of purpose and determination, and she giggled to herself as they galloped back towards Ruki's house.

The End

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