Cafeteria, Another Mistake in Humen's History (next to locker)

After Annabel put her bag away, Vincent was still lingering.  She slapped the door hard.

Vincent snapped out from his day-dreaming, "Sorry.  Let me lock it, you better watch and learn."  But Annabel snatched the lock away from him, then she locked her own locker immediately.

Vincent was impressed, ''Mr. Campbell needs more smarty-pants like you." 

Something flashed inside Annabel's mind, "You know Mr. Campbell?"

"Yeah.  He's my Math teacher.  Why?"

"Unfortunately, we share the same Math teacher," it sounded like as if share the same teacher with Vincent was worse than share the same producer with some jerks.

"Really?" Vincent could not hide his enthusiasm.  "Maybe I can show you around."

"No, thanks.  Just lead me to room A123, Mr. Campbell's room."

Math class was going fine without the fact that Vincent chose to sit next to Annabel.  Then it followed by the next cople of hours of classes.  After that was lunch tiime.

The End

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