Lost in a Maze of Lockers (Annabel: "Does it have to be about stupid lockers???")

"Vincent!  Are you comin' with us??" a guy, one of Vincent's friends called out to him.

"Sorry, gotta go." Vicent stared at Annabel for another second with his dazzling smile.  Then he turned and leave.

Annabel stood on the spot.  Who does he think he is?          

The first bell rang.  Annabel put her bag inside her locker quickly, she closed the door and pretended it was locked.  She headed for room A123 for her Math class, or so she thought.

After five minutes, she turned for another corner, wondering where was room A123.  The hallway deserted, Annabel could see rushing peaple no longer.  Just another rows of lockers in her sight.

"Oh great, I'm late on the first day of school, on the first period of classes!  I'm going to make an awesome entrance." 

Annabel took a few more steps before an odd figure ran toward her way.

She identified that "odd figure" was a girl.  She was carring some notebooks and the same Math's textbook as Annabel's.  Annabel shouted, "Hey, you there.  Are you going to A123?"

The girl stopped abruptly, she was suprised a stranger whould knew where she was going without exchanging words.  She noded.

"Great!  Will you just lead the way to room A123?" Annabel gave up her icy tone after how she lost hopelessly.

The girl did not replied, but she contiued her way.  Annabel followed closely until they made it.

The End

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