Falling/Rising Star

Annabel, a pop sensasion among the teens. When she was a kid, she started to feel the fame. As her parents suddenly sent her to a public high school, she was wondering why......

BANG!!!  Annabel punched at her new locker.  She cursed under her breath to the one who invented this stupid locker.

"I swear if it's not going to be open in the next minute, I will... I will..." she could not find a word to say.

Discreetly, slow paces aproached Annabel, "What's up?  You seem to have a hard time to catch up," a broad guy nodded to an ancient clock that lean against a wall that was about the same age.

Annabel was irritated, "Yeah, I know.  You can just get this damn thing open."

"No... problem," he unlocked her locker easily after he inquired her code number.  "What a fashion," he added softly.


"Nothing." Vincent watched Annabel carefully.  Her cheeks were cherry-pink, and her  perfectly straight hair... they were... they were just professional.  The way she acted, remined him someone he once knew.

The End

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