Falling Through the Glass

He can't reach Him. He can't see His face. No matter how hard he trys. He always falls inches away from His hand. How much he wishes to know this person in his dream.

He ran. He ran far away from the place. All the buildings, everything was turning to dust as he ran by. He raced against the dust. Trying to outrun time to get to Him. To save Him. To feel him one last time, is all he thought. He tripped and saw Him standing there. Reaching out waiting for his hand. He reached out to touch His hand and with horror watched as He turned to dust before his eye. "NOOOOO!" He screamed in sadness, in anger at himself for not reaching Him in time. He cried.

He woke with a start as he swiped at his wet cheeks. He kept wiping till all the tears had stopped. "Again and again. Why can't I reach You in time?" He takes a deep breath and gets out of bed. Careful not to disturb his sleeping companion lying next to him. He walks quietly out of the room and heads down the hall to the back stairs and out the door towards the lake. There was a little pink in the distance noting that sun would be coming up soon. Still there were stars out. This type of pre-dawn light was his favorite time of day. Seeing the stars shining brightly even though they are doomed to loose to the brightness of the sun.Just like me,he thought. "Doomed." he said as he looked to the stars. Tears forming in his eyes again. The wind made the tree leaves rustle and form light sounding waves from the dark water of the lake. He shivered and drew his knees closer to his bear chest for warmth. Foot steps sounded from behind him. He looked up to see Samson bending down to his head. Inspecting his face.

"Your crying again Alex. You need to stop thinking about the stars fate." He brushed a tear away with his thumb. "Even though they are fated to loose to the sun, they are also fated to shine brighter than anything in the night sky." Samson smiles and leans down to kiss Alex. Alex's arms wrap around Samson’s' head to pull him closer into the kiss. Samson breaks away to the disappointment of Alex. He laughs as he see the look Alex has on his face. "You should get inside soon Alex. The sun is not good for you." He starts to pull him up.

"Just a little longer."

Samson looks at him as he stares towards the lightening sky. "Okay. But not for too much longer." He leaves to go back inside. Leaving Alex to his thoughts.

"This time," he whispers to himself. "This time for sure I touch his hand. Nothing will stop me" He gets up and enters the door he came out of just as the suns rays became visible.

Alex finds himself standing in the same spot that he started running from. Everything was still. He knew that if he moved the clock would start ticking away to dust. But this time he's ready. He takes a step and starts running. He doesn't pay attention to anything but what he is running for. "This time our hands will touch. This time I will see your face. I will hear your feelings and embrace every last one of them!" He screams as he runs. The road behind him starts to turn to dust as the clock ticks away. It grows ever so close, his despair. Knowing he will not make it in time. Still he does not give into his despair he pushes onward till he can see His solute. His hand stretching out, waiting for him. Waiting to touch fingers. Even if just for moment. Alex finds himself smiling. "Finally." He reaches out his hand a little to soon. He trips and the road catches up to him. Both fingers missing by inches.

Samson wakes to screaming. Wakes to Alex screaming. He tries to wake him only to get hit as Alex flings his arms about. Unable to wake from his nightmare. "Alex. Alex. Alex!" Samson screams. "Wake up. It's only a dream." Still he does not wake up. Samson does the only thing he can think of. He climbs on top of chest and holds down his arm and kisses him forcefully not moving his lips till Alex calms down.

Alex screams quite down as he comes to his senses. Samson rolls back over holding his face where he got hit. He watches him till his breathing becomes regular. After a while Samson falls back to sleep.

Samson wakes to find that Alex has gone.Maybe the lake,he thinks.

He walks out to find the ground covered in snow. The stars and moon shinning off the smooth surface of the now frozen lake. He sees Alex standing like a statue in the middle. He starts walking towards him but soon stops as Alex’s back goes ridged.

"I can't," he begins, "I cannot reach the hand in my dream. I can't see his face. I always fall and when I do I wake up crying for some reason." He goes silent. "Can I not even complete a simple task in a dream." He whispers. "All my life I have not done a single thing worth noting. My own parents even...." He doesn't finish. "Why?" He turns to face Samson. "Why am I so pathetic?" He ask.

In his eyes Samson sees the moon and stars reflecting in them. "Your not pathetic." Samson reasons. "You never were. Not to me anyway." He takes a step forward. "Please let me help you."

"Their is no help for me." He looks back towards the sky. Lightning clouds had started to roll in bringing with them monstrous thunder. "No help." he whispers. Alex starts to walk away.

"No!" Samson screams after him. "You can't go. You cannot leave everything behind. You can't leave me behind." He trembles from fright of being left alone. "You said that you hate water. And yet you always come to the lake. And in the winter you like to stand in the middle even though the ice is thin. Why is that? Why!?" He takes another step towards him, shacking off his trembling. Alex turns to face him now.

"I wonder why that is." The thunder roars as lightning cracks down on the other side of the lake. He looses his bearings long enough to not notice the cracks forming on the thin icy surface.

"Watch out!" Samson calls to him.

Alex falls through the surface into the cold dark water below. Samson runs in after him. The coldness stinging his face as he dives in. He sees the shimmer of Alex's silver necklace. Samson reaches out his hand to grab Alex.

Alex is able to see Samson reach his hand towards his before he looses consciousness. He wakes up to Samson sitting next to him asleep in a chair. His light snoring making him laugh.

Samson is startled awake by the laughing. "... Huh, what’s going on?" He jumps to his feet.

"Nothing's wrong." Alex clarifies. "Nothing at all." He smiles.

"You seem all cheery for almost drowning Alex. You feeling alright?" He places his hand on his forehead. "You do feel a little cold."

Alex pushes his hand away. "Yeah no duh Sherlock. Thanks for the input. Oh wait don't forget to check for my plus. Maybe you'll find it!" Sarcastically he adds.

"That's harsh. After I went and pulled you out of the cold ass lake." He walks off in astounded anger.

"Wait!" Alex calls after. He grabs his hand tight. "I didn't mean that. I'm sorry."

"I know. But I won't accept your apology that easily. Not without insurance."


Samson smiles knowing that he won the little sorry conversation. "I want a kiss and to know why you smiled."

"I guess the terms aren't that bad." He squeezes Samson’s hand harder and leans his head forward not sparing even the slightest second. It's only then that he remembers that Samson needs to breath in order to live that he unlocks his lips from his.

Samson breaths in heavily trying to catch his breath. "That was quite good." Samson admits.

Alex answers, "Well it was an apology. And a good one on my part if I do say so." He licks his lips tasting the moisture. "And why I smiled was because I finally know who the person in my dream was."

"Who?" Eagerness creeping into his voice.

Alex looks at him. His eyes showing all the feelings he has for Samson.

"Oh. Really?"

"Really." He leans forward and restrains Samson’s arms against the wall as he kisses him once again. They both fall to the floor. Alex presses his fingers through Samson's light orange hair. Tugging on his ears.

The End

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