Eventful NightMature


10:54 p.m.

I slipped into a casual dress and sandals. I didn’t wanna dress up too much but not too little. I was making a big deal about this. I was nervous. Extremely. Ariana and I waited for Wren to call. At 11:09 Wren called.

“Come downstairs,” he said.

We walked to his car.

“Ok,” he said, as he drove, “if Luna asks you any questions address her as Luna. Don’t say madam, majesty or any of that crap. She gets pissed if you do that. I don’t know why. Um, don’t stare into this freakish council member’s eyes. Damn… he gets all are freaked. And many of the “dynasties” will be there. Dynasties meaning important people not… you know. The Hartlems, Rosannes, Fergusons, and others. This meetings mainly about vampire stuff and all newborns are now invited because of you two. Luna’s making the change early. She’s angry at me. And now she’s angry at Sofie. So she’s pretty much called everyone.”

My heart was beating fast as he said this.

“Don’t worry, though,” he winked.

He drove up to a secluded area. It was nice though. But eerily quiet. He led us into a building. And we walked into the elevator with others.

“Newborns?” they asked.

Wren nodded.

“Nice choices,” one man said.

I glared at him.

“We’re not deaf, ass hole,” I said.

He hissed at me. And I hissed back.

“Sofie,” Wren said stopping me.

He led us to two grand doors. They were shining and golden. One man knocked on the door. A guard opened it. It was huge in here. Vatican like. A table circled the entire room. It held at least 1,000 seats. There were creepy paintings of vampires drinking blood and stuff. I sat in the middle of Wren and Sofie.

“The Hartlems,” Wren said.

In walked a gorgeous woman and a handsome man, arm in arm. They were dressed fancily and they seemed highly aristocratic. Savannah wasn’t there. Others walked in, greeting one another, smiling, kissing. Damn, they were “friendly”. They soon sat down when the bell for midnight rang. Guards guided a lady in. Luna. Oh god. She was beautiful. She had long (I mean like waist-length) blonde, wavy hair. They curled perfectly. Her lips were full, her body was thin. But she had boobs. She wore a nude shimmering dress that had a slit to her thighs. Her makeup was simple, but she was gorgeous. And she sat at the head. She looked at everyone.

“We’re missing a newborn,” she announced.

Someone walked in.

“Aah,” she said, “you’re late.”

“I’m so sorry, Luna… I_”

“Take him away. I hate late-comers.”

They took him out of the hall. And I heard screaming. And it stopped after a snap. My heart dropped to my foot. My foot seemed like it bulged with the beats. Luna smiled.

“Late-comers don’t have to be late when dead. Anywho… I have called you all here today for a reason. There are many newborns this year and they must be accounted for. However, some of you have done a vile act. Creating a newborn for no reason? A newborn creating another newborn? Some may die today. Some may live and work for the council. Though… working for the council may as well be death.”

She laughed and we had to join her.

“Wren Black, please stand up. Along with the two newborns.”

Wren stood up along with us.

“Wren,” Luna whispered.

She walked up to him. Her long nails seductively touched his neck and shoulders.

“I could kill you in an instant,” she said in his ears.

Her nails touched his cheeks. Her breath flew into his ears. Damn, he looked nervous. I wanted her to stop touching him like that. She slid in front of him.

“Why did you this Wren? And how did it happen?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck. The people stared. This was so awkward. He moved back a little.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen,” he said, calmly, “it just did.”

“Mmm,” Luna said, “it just did? It just did?!? No. Wren. Tell me the story.”

I was gonna die. Damn.

“Well… um, she walked in to ask how she was doing in class. And we kinda kissed and it got intense. I couldn’t control myself. Her lips smelt so good with all that blood in them. And I bit her.”

“I see. Do my lips smell good?”

She leaned in close.

“Yes,” Wren said.

“Then bite them, Wren,” she said.

“I can’t.”

“You can bite hers, but not mine? Why is that?”

“Then I’d have to kiss you and I can’t_”

She smiled.

“You’re so innocent, Wren. You can control yourself around me. And not her? Why? Do you love her?”

“I don’t know, Luna.”

“I don’t know? Oh, Wren,” she whispered.

What was this? Did she always do this? Act all seductive and creepy. In front of everyone. I could tell it freaked Wren out. And it bothered the hell out of me. Her fingers roamed around his chest, his face, his neck.

“Such a handsome vampire,” she said, “gone to waste.”

He didn’t say anything. He looked scared as hell. I felt pissed. She treated us like we were nothing and she was everything. She acted as if she was right the whole time. And she kept touching him. He didn’t like it.

“Can’t you see that he doesn’t want you to touch him like that? Just stop, you psycho bitch,” I blurted like an idiot.

Some people gasped.

“Sofie,” Wren said, nudging me.

“What?” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Damn,” he whispered.

Luna walked to me.

“Sofie,” she whispered.

Ok. I just made an idiotic move.

“All guests except for these three,” Luna said, “please wait outside.”

All of them stood up and left in a hurry.

“Sofie,” she repeated.

It was just her and her council members. I glanced at Noah. He looked worried.

“How dare you!” she shouted.

But soon she started to laugh. A maniacal, crazy, eerie laugh.

“A newborn… standing up to me? Me?!?” she shouted.

Her ego, her rule had gone to her head.

“And?” I offered.

“And?!? Can you believe this nonsense?” she laughed.

“Well… you’re a witness. It’s happening,” I said.

“Oh goodness,” she said, “you’re… just… so naïve.”

God. She pissed me off. The anger ran through my veins. It was too much for my veins to hold. They seemed to pop as it rubbed against the interior like a balloon filled with too much water.

“I’m not fucking naïve. You’re living in some freak fake world, bitch. You may think everyone listens to you and shit. And yet, here I am today. And there she is. And he’s right there. We didn’t listen to you. All these people probably don’t. You’re just too blind to see it.”

I walked out of the building, Wren and Ariana running after me.

“Whoa,” Wren said, “that was…”

“Beautiful,” Ariana completed.

Noah ran out of the building. He was smiling.

“Sofie,” he called.

“Why is he calling you?” Wren asked, giving him the death stare.

“We’re kinda friends,” I said.

“Let’s go to the car,” Ariana said, nudging Wren.

And they walked away.

“Luna likes you,” he said once he caught up to me.


“She’s never had anyone stand up to her like that before.”

“Crap, really?” I said, excitedly.

I hugged him. Caught up in the moment, I leaned upwards and kissed him. I pulled back and smiled.

“What was that for?” he whispered.

I shrugged. He laughed and kissed me again. It felt so good. Someone cleared their throat. We let go.

“It’s time to go,” Wren said.

“Wren,” I said, walking after him.

He was walking at such a brisk pace. I left Noah standing there. I hoped he understood.

“What the hell, Sofie?” he asked, turning around.

“I don’t know what happened,” I said.

“Really?” he asked, “Damn… I thought we were getting somewhere.”

“No, Wren… after what you did_”

“That’s all you’re gonna say, right? After what I did? Is it always going to be my fault? Always? What was I supposed to do?”

“Tell me the truth,” I said, pushing him.

He laughed.

“Seriously. You can’t fight. You’re tiny. You fight like… like… a kitten.”

I pushed him again.

“Jesus. I care so much about the fact you were engaged… ‘cause it felt like you were using me. And I never want to be hurt like that again.”

“And you ended up kissing him?” Wren asked, “Sofie… I promised I would never do that again.”

“And? Why the hell do you care anyways? You said you didn’t know if you loved me. Goddamnit.”

“Stop,” he said.

He held me. I was furious.

“I just said that ‘cause I was about to piss my pants,” he whispered.


“So that means I love you Sofie.”

He dropped my arm.

“I’ve been waiting. And then you kissed him. So… we’re officially done, right?”

I didn’t know what to say. I really didn’t. I closed my eyes. I wished I could say I love you back. And I really wanted to.

“I’ll wait in the car,” he said.

He walked away.

“I love you, too, Wren,” I whispered so only I could hear.

The End

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