12:47 p.m.

"Sofie!" I screamed.

That was the only thing I could do. And I knew I had to help her.

"You really care about this newborn? This worthless vampire? Wren, baby, I know... you're a sweetheart and you don't kill... but seriously?"

"Get away from her Savannah!"

I saw Sofie, against the wall. But she didn't look scared. She slowly got up, her fangs shining. I started walking toward them like a wimp. But I was strong enough. This was my house. This was my territory. And I was male. I'm not sexist or anything, but c'mon.

"Wren, it's best you stay out of this," Savannah mumbled angrily.

"Why should he? He's the one who started this all!" Sofie shouted.

"Yeah... so why don't you two step away from each other?"

"But you cheated on me with her..." Savannah whispered, "and she'll have to pay."

She grabbed Sofie's hair and threw her against the counter in the kitchen. I ran to her.

"Sofie," I said.

She was bleeding. The smell of her blood captured me. It captured me in some kind of frenzy. But I couldn't let that control me. I held her and looked for something to stop the bleeding.

"I'm ok," she mumbled, managing to get up.

Savannah jumped at us, using her nails to claw at Sofie's skin. More blood. I was freaking out. I couldn't control myself. I went in between them, pushing Savannah away. She could control her desire. I couldn't. But I had to. Sofie looked angry. Her arms were bleeding as well as her head. But she ran. I tried stopping her, but it was hard. She pushed Savannah down, sinking her teeth into her neck. And I smelt more blood. Man, I felt like an ass. Savannah screamed, but pushed her off. And she got up.

"You'll pay for this," she whispered.

And she disappeared. And I ran toward Sofie. I carried her onto the couch, searching for something to stop the bleeding.

"Wren," she said, "this is all your fault."

"I know," I whispered.

I started to wipe the blood and bandage her head.

"She's gonna kill me," she mumbled.

"She's not. I won't let her."

"Oh yeah. Like you were a big help right now. Thanks, Wren."

"Look... I'm not used to the smell of blood. It's not my fault."

"What about me? Why wasn't I bothered by it?"

"It was your own blood."


I started cleaning her arm. She winced.

"I hate you so much," she whispered once I was done.

"I know."

She sat up, looking at her arms and feeling the bandage on her head. She got up, grabbed her things, and left.




The End

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