The Sex TalkMature


1:09 a.m.

"Thanks, Wren," I whispered, letting him close the door.

The streets were quiet. The only sound came from a few cars passing by. 

 I felt human again. After drinking that blood, though it was filled with drugs, I felt good. He smiled. I changed into my black shorts and white, loose, v-neck. I jumped onto my bed. He had turned on the T.V. He was lying on his bed, hs shirt untucked and open.

"I'm gonna go change," he said.

I nodded. He came out in a few minutes, in his flannel pajamas and loose gray t-shirt.

"Um," he said, "how's your throat?"

"It's fine."

"That's good."

This felt awkward. Just not right.

"Lemme see your temperature."

I moved over, allowing him to place his hand on my neck and forehead. His hand was smooth, but masculine. I loved how it felt against my skin.

"Can vampires have sex?" I asked, suddenly.

He was taken aback by my question, but he nodded.

"Can they have babies?"

"Yes, but_"

I didn't let him talk.

"Can they use condoms?"

"Yeah, but why_"

"Are you a virgin?"


"Do you think I'm a virgin?"

He thought.


"Wow, you're right. But... yeah. Let's have sex."

"Are you crazy?!?" he shouted, letting all his answers come into one.

"No. What? You don't wanna do it with me?"

"I do. But... you're still changing."

"But my vagina isn't!"

"Holy crap. But you're..."

"If you don't wanna do it, just say it."

He groaned, turning the lights off.

"Good night," he mumbled.


1:12 a.m.

The lights flickered on.

"Let's do it," he said.

"Nah," I said, just to bother him.

"Oh shit, c'mon. You made me feel like a complete douchebag!"

"You are one."

"So now what?"

I shrugged. He walked into the bathroom. I heard him talking to himsef. He was such a loon. I loved that about him. I got up, walked past him. But he grabbed hold of my arm. I bit my lip, holding back a smile. He pulled me in.

"Sofie," he whispered.

"Eww, don't be all romantic. I just have the urge to do it."

"Yeah, vampires tend to want sex. They feel horny all the time."

"No, shit."

"You're mean."

"Shut up and kiss me, Wren."


He shrugged, leaning in. His lips met mine. They felt soft and supple. They moved in synch. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He placed me on the, hovering above me, kissing me as well. He pulled down my shorts, and kissed my neck. I laughed.

"What?" he moaned.

I felt him smile against my skin.

"This is... awesome."

I slipped out of my shirt, throwing it onto the floor. He kissed my breasts, fumbling with the latch on my bra.

"You smell good," he said.

His body felt good against mine. He made me laugh when he kissed me. He just felt so good. I kissed him hard, nibbling at his lip. A drop of blood fell into my mouth. It tasted delicious. Not as good as human blood, but good.

"We're having sex," I moaned, in shock.

"Damn," he said, kissing me furiously, "I know."

The End

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