Things Fall ApartMature


11:07 a.m.

I was watching him as he spoke. The way his soft lips moved as he tried to explain the essence of man in some random book we were reading. Why did things always happen with your male English teacher? Why were they always young? Why were they always so attractive? I would kill to know. I glanced at him. His eyes met mine and he grinned. His messy jet black hair fell into his crystal blue eyes. When he was done explaining, he ran his long, lean fingers through the mess on his head. I couldn't believe that I kissed him. Or did we both just lean in... and let it go with the flow? But, he looked nervous when  he grinned at me. And he knew that I knew something was wrong with me.


12:01 p.m.

The class had left as soon as the clock struck twelve. Well, everyone but me.

"Um," I said, walking towards his desk.

He held one finger out to tell me to wait a second. He closed the door, making sure everyone was gone.

"Ok," I said, a little relieved, "about yesterday..."

"Yeah, about it..."

"Ok, let's not make this awkward. I don't care if you didn't feel anything. But for some odd reason the only thing I remember was kissing you. The rest of it was a blur. But... I'm not dreaming about these red lines around my irises. And I do not have allergies. The last stranger that I came in contact with was you, so..."

"Um... yeah, about that..."

I waited.

"You're not going to believe me," he said.

"I never thought that I would make out with you... I'm not a slut. But now I believe it. So... right now, I'll believe anything."

"I'm a vampire," he whispered.


"And I changed you into one."

"Holy shit."

"Holy shit is right."

"But... why don't I remember you sucking blood out of my neck?"

I felt my neck for scars.

"You're still developing into one. We don't leave any scars. We just erase the memory of when it happened. Most people don't remember when they were changed. And... for now, you won't experience any change. But... in a few days, you'll be going through some pain. A lot of pain. And your eyes will be completely red. After a while, they'll fade away. I still have the rim around mine. It's a shitty life. You'll want to kill your friends. Ok... not kill. But... you'd want their blood. And, you have to be careful. There are some psycho vampire hunters out there."

I was going to piss my pants out of fear.

"Um," I said, nervously, "I gotta go."

"When you start feeling pain... come to my house."

"Um... yeah," I whispered, walking out the door.

I clutched my book. I looked at the title. Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Holy fuck, Chinua Achebe totally just described my life right now.

The End

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