Meet the EvilMature


5:03 a.m.

The guilt was killing me. Savannah lay beside me, stroking my back as if I were her little boy. Damn. Sometimes she bothered me. And thank god she couldn't read my mind.

"What are you thinking about?" she whispered.

"Nothing," I said, getting off the bed.

I had turned Sofia into a vampire. Something I was going to regret forever. Savannah came beside me swiftly. I hated vampires. I hated being one. She turned me around and kissed me. I pulled back, knowing she wanted more. I didn't want to do more.

"Are you ok? You're being quite an ass hole right now."

I turned around to look at her. Her long arms were folded across her chest, her brow shaped like a V. I laughed.

"Calm down," I said.

"Fine," she agreed, slipping out of her dress, "make love to me."

"Um... no. I don't make love. I have sex."

"Oh please," she said, "just 'cause you're a young vampire doesn't mean you have talk all that crap."

"Yes, it does."

I went into the bathroom and stared at myself. I felt like a teenage guy. Staring deep into my blue eyes, rimmed in a faded red, I realized that Sofie's life was in danger. And I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. Savannah was dangerous. A powerful vampire that would do anything to get what she wanted. And right now, she wanted me. And I really wanted Sofia.

The End

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