10:04 p.m.

Adriana just stared at me. I didn't tell her what exactly had happened between me and Professor Black, mostly because for some reason I had forgotten. But she just stared.

"What?" I asked, breaking the creepy and strange gaze.

"Something's wrong with your eyes," she said, scouring through her purse for a mirror.

She handed me a compact mirror. I looked into my eyes. A blood red circle rimmed my green iris. Oh crap. This definitely had something to do with Professor Black.

"Probably allergies," I said, throwing the mirror back at her.

Kelly walked in, ecstatic holding a some papers.

"I got the job!" she screamed.

"Really?" Adriana asked.

Thank you, Kelly, for changing the subject.

"Congrats," I said, trying to sound as enthusiastic as possible.

I sunk into my bed, covered myself in the cotton comforters, and closed my strange eyes.


3:06 a.m.

I was a monster in my nightmare. I was running. I couldn't breathe. And a figure was running beside me, out of breath as well. Someone, or some people, were chasing us. Torches. Curses. Names. Death. It smelt of death. I was dead. I knew it. But they were trying to kill me... again? I look back. Darkened faces, even with torches hovering near by.

"Shit," whispers the person next to me.

Someone grabs his hand. I know it's a he.

"Run, Sofie!" he screams, as he's dragged away into the dark.

I want to go back for him. I have to urge to save him. But, my legs won't budge. They're a one way vehicle. A woman stops me. She smiles. But not the welcoming type of smile.

"You are going to die," she whispers, playfully.

"I'm dead! I'm a fucking vampire!"

I try to push her away from me. But her icy hands are too strong for me. She wraps them around my slender neck. She holds it at an angle. One snap and I'm dead. Dead dead. Not even a vampire. Just a thing, laying on the ground. Motionless. She plays with me, moving it a centimeter. Not enough to kill me. Just enough to make me scared. Tense and scared. Her piercing blue eyes roll back as she laughs. her fangs, sharp and deadly, twinkle as her mouth gawks. A dark cave that emanates laughter from the pits of hell, located inside this one being. Was she Hell? Was she the devil? No. She was an evil vampire. One who wanted to kill me.

I bolt up. The dream was so real. I felt my neck, making sure it wasn't broken. I had to talk to Wren.

The End

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