Falling StarsMature


7:30 p.m.

The rain starts to pour as I scurry through the already dark and gloomy streets of New Haven. The rain starts as a drizzle, quickly proceeding into a heavy rain. The drops shatter to the ground. I hear them screaming.

My math textbook is the only umbrella I find. The rain drips down my bare arms. I wished I had wore something that complemented the weather. Well, shit. I would have a cold tomorrow. And I would miss my classes. Stupid New Haven University. Professor Black would not be happy. Not that it bothered me. Ok, it did. And how old was he again? Aah, 21.

I rush inside the old apartment building, soaked with cold, icy rain. I shivered, my teeth chattering amongst themselves.

"Sofie?" I hear a high, friendly voice call.

I look up, above the banister of the stairs, to see Ariana, one of my roomates, smiling sympathetically.

"What the hell are you doing down here?" she asked, running down the stairs.

"I'm scared," I whispered, sounding like a lost puppy (that could talk, of course).

"Why?" she questioned, bringing back to the dorm.

I shuddered.

"Go take a hot shower. Then talk to me."

I managed to walk to the small bathroom, stripping down in front of the mirror. My honey-colored waves were flattened by rain. My light green eyes were hiding something. Only I could tell. I stared at my slender body. Bruised in some areas, but otherwise covered in fair skin. I was proud of myself and I knew I was beautiful. But, that was only on the outside. The inside held a monster. A monster that I was not proud of. A monster that I hoped would never be released. I stepped into the hot shower, letting the water wash away my guilt.

The End

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