Cracks In The Ice?

I didn't go into college.

I went for a walk in a nearby park instead. The grass still had frost thinly covering it and it made for a very ethereal and beautiful view with all the trees looming around the park, sheltering it from the busy bustle of the morning traffic on the roads.

I walked over to the big pond in the middle of the park.

It had layers of ice floating on its surface, broken away from each other but still intact by themselves. I thought I remembered seeing fish in the pond during the summer but they all seemed to be hiding in the depths. I moved on.

One of my friends in my college class sent me a text, asking where I was. I figured it would be best not to answer and text back later saying I slept in. I really had no enthusiasm for college these days, it seemed like such a small part of my life, and it felt alright for it to be like that.




I went back home because I knew my mum was out for the day. I think she was visiting her sisters. When I got back, I made a cup of hot chocolate and went upstairs to lazily watch a film and probably fall asleep.

About half an hour into the film, I heard a car pull up outside. I peeped out of my curtains and saw it was my dad with a man and a woman. Two work colleagues, I assumed.

They weren't speaking too loudly downstairs, so I couldn't really hear them properly, even though I had turned my TV down to try and keep my being here unnoticed.

The woman was the loudest.

"I really don't think this is fair! What exactly is there to choose?"

The other man said something, but my dad interrupted. After my dad had finished, the other man seemed to finish what he was saying, but slower.

"Well, if that is the case. I can't see much point being here anymore!"

I peered out the window again and saw the woman angrily march down the street. My dad and the man watched until the man walked the same way as the woman, but perhaps not to catch up to her, as he was walking much slower. My dad then got in his car and drove in the opposite direction.

As soon as his engine started, my mobile went off. Chloe was ringing. I wondered if she could help me try and understand what happened here.

The End

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