A Leaf Out Of The Family Album

I always liked my mum better than my dad.

Apparently my mum had a miscarriage a couple of years before I was born. It was going to be a baby boy. Also, they weren't even sure if she would be able to give birth after that, not successfully anyway. I wouldn't call myself a miracle, no more than any other child, but I've always thought my dad saw me as a bit of consolation prize.

He's been very busy at the moment. Work seems to be dragging him down like the waves in an ocean, as soon as he would get past one obstacle, another would rise and loom over the top of him. Still, I think I prefer my mother.

She and I used to collect leaves when I was younger. Only at autumn, but we would get a big piece of paper, maybe A3, I can't remember and it probably looked bigger back then anyway. Then we would cover paper in glue and stick all the leaves on it in a pattern of colours.

I don't remember what happened to all the finished patterns.




The news came on the TV just as I sat down with my tea. The flash floods had caused some people to evacuate in Wales. They even said some pets had drowned in the rapid-rising water. The only weather disaster in England would be wind or rain. My mum came in to watch for a bit.

"Those poor animals, one of the worst ways to go as well..." She trailed off.

"Yeah, I don't think anything like that would ever happen in Norwich!" We had moved to Norwich a few years ago and I find it a painfully boring place.

"Mum? Do you remember those leaves patterns we used to do?"

"Yeah, what a strange thing to ask though, quite out of the blue"

"Well, I just was wondering, whatever happened to them all?"

"Hmm, I think your father might have taken them to the dump when we cleared out our old house. Why? You didn't want them, did you?"

I forced a small laugh. "Nah, just curious."

She smiled and went back to the kitchen. I turned the news off and decided to call it a night. I even flirted with the idea of actually going to college in the morning but figured I should probably decide when I wake up.

The End

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