After I left my friend my mind was still on the old lady. I spoke to my friend about it briefly but she just waved it away as a reason that I shouldn't skive college anymore. With friends like this, I thought, who needs parents?

I started to walk back to mine, but decided to take a longer route. It was rush hour, so I wanted to avoid the big roundabout just for a simpler walk home. It started to rain. The car lights came on and illuminated invisible cylinders in the air, full of raindrops, that were constantly falling in the cylinders, then falling out. It was very beautiful.

The rainwater was building up at the sides of the roads, and if a car drove to close to the curb, a wave would spray up onto the pavement. I made sure I was as far away from the road as I could be, but I think most of the drivers were aware of this and they were driving slower than usual anyway, because of the slick roads.




"Did you have a nice day at college?"

I had barely opened the door.

"Yes, mum. It was only tutorial though, I met up with Chloe after her lecture."

"Oh, that's right. She didn't get into sixth form either."

Inside my head I growled my next words, but I somehow regained composure and it came out more exasperated than anything else.

"No, she didn't..."

A sigh, from both of us.

"Is dad working lates again?"

"Yeah, terrible business. One of his colleagues is facing redundancy or something, I wasn't quite paying attention to be honest, but I think the whole team is putting in extra hours to try and, well, try and help somehow I guess."

"So... late tea again?"

"Yeah, it's up to you if you eat with us." She smiled at me.

I returned it and went to watch TV in the living room, completely unaware that I'd forgotten about the old lady.

The End

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