Thick Clothing

It was cold out. It was one of those morning winds that manage to get through even the thickest of clothing. My parents thought I was walking to college but I was going to spend a few hours in the city before meeting up with a friend. It was only tutorial today anyway.

I went to the supermarket first.

"Hello, dear," Said an old lady as I was looking at the fruit smoothies. "I'm not entirely convinced these drinks are as good for you as they make out to be." She finished.


She chuckled. "Don't let that put you off. They do taste nice and I can't imagine they would do anything bad to you."

"No, of course," I smiled and moved on.

I picked up a kiwi and apple one while trying to remember if I like kiwi fruit or not.

After I left the supermarket, I went to the library as I thought I could kill an hour or more by finding a good book to read.

"Hello again, dear."

I looked away from the books and saw the same old lady I saw in the supermarket.

"Oh, hello again."

Her eyes smiled. "How comes a young lady like yourself isn't at college or working this morning?"

"It's my day off college today. I'm actually meeting a friend in the city soon." Am I being stalked? I wondered.

"Friends are lovely, right? Well, have a nice day."

"Oh, yeah, thanks. And you too." And off she went.

I went back to the books but didn't really feel like reading anymore. Instead, I followed the old lady from a distance. I wanted to know what she was doing in the city today.

Surprisingly, she went into another supermarket, different from the one we were both in when we first met. She walked up to a mother who had a push-chair with her and they talked about children. Then she left after buying a box of teabags and walked into the shopping mall. She chatted to numerous people who must have been strangers to her. She walked in to a variety of shops, talking to more people, buying single items or sometimes nothing. She left the mall and went to the gardens nearby. She sat on a bench next to a young couple and spoke with them for a good fifteen minutes. When the couple left the young woman actually hugged the old lady. She left the gardens and went and stood at a bus stop across the road until she was offered a seat.

It had seemed she had only made her journey into the city to buy some small luxury items and make small talk with strangers. I thought about how alien that attitude was to my own, but not for long because my phone went off. My friend had been waiting for twenty minutes.

The End

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