FALLING IN LOVE(a monoact)

Falling in love is the easiest thing you can do with girls.....

Characters- A boy with college-going looks.

Stage- A bench, two sets of one table and two chairs (to give a look of restaurant).

Lights on.

Boy is already present on the stage, sitting in a chair. Looks at his wrist watch, as if waiting for someone.

(To the audience) This time I was not supposed to fall in love, but what could I do? These girls, let me tell you, are irresistible and falling in love is the easiest thing you can do with them.

Looks in the wings as if someone is coming and then stands up.

(To the audience) Oh, excuse me, she’s coming.

Makes a move to sit in the same chair.

(To the girl) You are looking gorgeous today.

No, really, I mean it.

(To the audience) Now, girls really seek attention, but look at the modesty. Even if she’s not looking gorgeous, I’m supposed to say that she is. In short, I am not supposed to utter the truth. My first relationship ended suddenly and unfortunately because I didn’t know this trick then. Of course, what I did was foolish, but I was just passing an honest comment and even with a question mark.

(To the girl) Hey, is your hairline receding?

(To the audience) So, the last thing you are supposed to do in front of a girl is to be hundred percent honest.

Stands up and comes forward.

(To the audience) These girls are too touchy, I must say. For example, my first girlfriend. There was another hair related incident. We used to have ice-creams in a parlor daily. By the way, I don’t know what’s the relationship between girls and ice-creams, but there is. If you ask me, I hate ice-creams, but I had to pretend in front of her and she…..she used to like devour on them. But frankly, it was pleasant to watch her licking ice-cream with her tongue. I used to throw mine half-eaten.

So, one day, when I aimed it for the dustbin…..she just stood up right at the moment and then it was her hairs and my half-eaten ice-cream. Then usual so sorry, so sorry crap. It wasn’t my fault at all, who asked her to stand up? But that was it.

I think she was looking for an excuse to split up for a long time and this was a more severe offence that throwing your shoe on U.S. president.

Goes back to the same chair and sits. Looks at the girl with boredom and rests his head on his hand.

(To the audience) I’m listening to her crap about who ditched who recently for two hours now like a dumb. What do I care if who ditched who? I even know what is she going to tell me next, for girls have very limited subjects to talk about.

Becomes cautious as if the girl has asked something.

(To the girl) Am I listening to you? Of course I am. Why do you say that? You tell me why did she ditch him?

(To the audience) What! Did she say ‘how cute!’ How come all of a sudden I am so cute?

Looks at the girl and then turns his head to look back.

(To the audience) Oh no, she is not looking at me. She is looking at a baby and from what angle that baby is cute? It’s the fattest baby I’ve ever seen.

(To the girl) Shall we go? Now?

(To the audience) After two hours of straight boredom I expect a little intimacy.

(To the girl) Let’s stay for a while, I really like it here with you.

(To the audience) it’s useless to argue now. She has given her verdict.

Now, it’s the right moment to be a little frank. But before I say something, she’ll open her mouth.

(To the girl) You have something important to talk, what is it?

Say it now. No? Okay. Tomorrow for coffee? Why not?

What? Morning at 6?

No, please, don’t you think it’s a little early to get…..

(To the audience) Its useless to argue, I told you.

(To the girl) Okay, I’ll try.

Okay, I’ll come.

Yeah, right at 6.

Goes to the bench and acts as if sleeping. Lights are dim. Full lights again. Looks at his wrist watch.

(To himself) What the hell! It’s 6:30. I’m not supposed to be in my bed. What the hell happened to my alarm clock?

Gets up. Acts as if being ready.

(To the audience) I know it’s not going to be a pleasant meeting. She will be sore at me, that’s for sure.

Goes to table and chair and looks around.

(To himself) Oh god, she’s not here. Did she leave?

(To the audience) No, I must be on the positive side. She didn’t get up early too.

Smiles and sits on the same chair. Looks at the other table with curiosity.

(To the audience) The girl on the other table is alone and she is beautiful. She’s also waiting for someone.

Yeah, she’s a good girl and look at my girl. She always keeps me waiting.

(To himself) Okay, I’ll wait.

Puts his head on the table as if trying to sleep. Lights dim. Full lights again. Stands up as if someone is coming.

Sits down.

(To the audience) Here she comes.

(To the girl) You are whole one hour late, you know that.

(To the audience) Then again so sorry, so sorry crap.

(To the girl) Okay, okay, sit down.

(To the audience) Then again who ditched who crap.

(To the girl) Okay, enough of that, listen to me now. I want to kiss you right here, right now.

(To the audience) What? Did I hear it right? Did she say yes?

Stands up and bends forward to kiss. Lights dim. Full lights again.

Sits down resuming his former pose i.e. head on the table as if trying to sleep. Looks at his wrist watch. Sits straight.

(To the audience) Who says you can dream only when you are sleeping?

She’s not late actually. She has already left, for girls are too touchy, I told you that.

I think she was looking for an excuse to split up for a long time.

Stands up and prepares to leaves but stops suddenly and looks at the other table.

(To the audience) That girl is still here. May be she’s not waiting for someone at all.

Should I go and talk to her? Of course, I should. Let’s see who ditched who now.

Approaches the other table but stops suddenly.

(To the audience) This time I’m not supposed to fall in love, but what can I do?

Falling in love is the easiest thing you can do with girls.

Goes to the other table and smiles.

(To the girl) Hey, hi, can I join you for a coffee?

Sits on the other chair.

(To the girl) Thank you.

Lights off.

The End

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