falling in love

just about how you really fall in love after loving someone.

Young people like you & me are really interested in one very famous subject; LOVE. That’s what made me write about the most lovable topic ‘love’.

What is love? Naaah, got bored of this question? But most of you have memorized the answers yet. Isn’t it? LOVE is a sweet poison, LOVE is life, LOVE is when you cannot live without the one and you think of him/ her day-night. But do you really think that are these sayings really true? Ever wondered of it?

Yes may be the love is the only thing that keeps the world go round. But, I sometimes wonder what people get of being in a relationship? Is it really as amazing as said! Wow so many confusions!!

Aww, who care of my confusions right!

So, where was I? Yes, I was talking of how sweet or bitter can a relationship be. I think, does not matter what I think anyways, how anyone can be happy, tied in lots of NOs, limitations & being a slave of someone’s instructions (unwillingly. Lots of problems! But I cannot understand why our honorable lovers & other youngsters run for it…? It is really falling in LOVE. You lose your senses, your freedom & & your dreams. So, why people want to be tied in any love relationship or marriage?

Don’t know! Many would be ready to kill me as would not be liking what I have written yet, but dear friends please reply me if am wrong.

Have you never thought that in a relationship, you are just not ‘you’? Your dreams, your desires & even your life do not remains yours.  And it sometimes hurt your dear ones too. But still you run after that thing called love. I would definitely welcome a reply from my readers for this. If am wrong make me correct my thoughts about LOVE.

But let me tell you love is nothing more than a SUICIDE!!!!!!!

The End

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