Falling In Love

          Love comes suddenly and goes even more suddenly . It was June the third, 2005 when Khaled fell in love with Reema. Some people don't beleive in love at first sight but some do. Khaled hadn't beleived  till the first time he saw Reema. HE had been watching a movie in the movie theater when Reema came and sat down next to him. Khaled's  heart  was pounding  and his hands were shaking . He had never felt like this  in his whole life before that moment.  Reema looked like an angel, pretty face, nice smile, white and shining teeth,beautiful body  and she had a small beauty mark on her chin. In khaled's culture this mark means the beatuy. Khaled was thinking how he could  open a converstation with her. He kept thinking while the movie was close to the end. He dropped his popcorn onto her chair. Reema didn't help him. He was mad at her she didn't offer any help. He thought she is snobby, but in fact she wasn't. she was paying attention to the movie while Khaled was collecting the popcon one by one hoping she was going to offer help.

The End

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