Chapter ThreeMature

Chapter Three


Shortly after Edward and John had signed all the documents, and the contract, John walked softly into Carole’s room, he stared at her, grinning from ear to ear, finally after a moment’s silence he said, “We will be leaving in several minutes, I just need to check you over, and make sure you’re able to leave the hospital.”

“Of course,” Carole smiled, “where’s Edward now?”

“Oh, he’s getting coffee, and getting checked over by another doctor. His wounds were minor compared to yours, so he should be in here any moment.”

John checked Carole over twice, making sure her wounds weren’t overreacting, or acting out, made she her vision wasn’t blurry, in the end, she was fine. “Okay, can you stand, Carole?”

“I-I think so.”

Carole slid the blankets off, and moved her legs to the side of the bed, she used her hands to push herself off the bed, she nearly fell but John caught her, “Careful Carole, I think we may have to take you by a wheelchair down to the car-”

“Limo,” Carole interrupted him.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m very sure Edward is going to have our limo driver, Greg, drive us.”

“Oh,” John sounded disappointed. “Does he ever do anything by himself?”

Carole laughed, “Not really, he usually has someone else doing his dirty work. I’m going to give you a fair warning before hand, okay?”

“Sure, might do me some good to be a head of the alpha male.”

John had some personality, Carole noted, a perfect doctor, he was kind, gentle, but knew how to act, and when to act. “My fiancé, Edward, is a very jealous man, you’ll have to watch out for his anger, and he can jump to conclusions before finding any hard evidence to go on.”

“I understand,” John smiled, “you’re a very beautiful young lady. But, sit down for a few minutes; let me go get a nurse to help dress you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Sean.” Carole smiled.

John,” he laughed, “You can call me John.”

“Okay, John.”



When John, Edward, and Carole arrived at the mansion, John hardly paid any attention to the mansion, his main concern was Carole, and he imminently parked his car, and went to Carole’s door. “Careful Carole, let’s take this slowly, okay?”

When John managed to get Carole inside the mansion, Edward led the way to a two bedroom suite adjoined to each other, the rooms alone were the size of John’s whole house, he scowled at the size of the rooms, but made no signs of showing that he thought the whole mansion was a disgusting idea.

“Here we go,” Edward began, “this is Carole’s room, yours is right through that door, will this be okay?”

“It’ll be fine. Thank you Edward.” John smiled.

Edward nodded and left the two alone in the room.

“Here we go Carole, take it easy.” John sat Carole down on the bed, “are you in any kind of pain?”

“No, thanks to you,” she smiled, “go get settled into your room, I’ll be fine.”

“One question,” he hesitated, not wanting to hurt her feelings, “the way you act around Edward, its well, you act rather cold, distant of one another, what’s with that?”

Her eyes darted back and forth quickly; she swallowed and took a deep breath, “Edward and me,”she looked at the door, scared that Edward might walk into the room at any moment, she sighed, “him and me aren’t like normal couples...” She stopped. Her eyes stared into John’s eyes, begging him to understand.

“I see, well I’ll go get settled in.” He grabbed her hand and squeezed it, smiling at her. “I’m sorry I brought it up.”

The End

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