Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two


“I’m very sorry to have to make you wait this long, Mr. Snipe.” A man, in his late 20’s said, and then continued, “She’s in a really bad state.”

“How bad is it?” Edward asked, with edge in his voice, “Doctor, can you please answer the question?”

The doctor sighed, “Really bad, Mr. Snipe.” The tone in his voice clearly indicated that the man who was speaking didn’t care how much money Edward made, he wasn’t even awed by it.

“I’m sorry,” Edward said softly, “It’s just that she’s my fiancée and I love her. I’m worried for her.”

“My name is Dr. John Sean, I never did introduce myself, I must be upfront about this Mr. Snipe, her wounds are very deep, she’s suffered head trauma, skull fracture, and she may take months to recover from this.” John has said as if it had been a daily thing to see.

“What’s that mean, Dr. Sean?” Edward asked coldly.

John snorted, “That means, she’ll either have to stay in the hospital for several months, or you’ll have to hire a doctor to do a stay-at-home care for her.”

“Is she conscious right now?”

“Yes, but she’s in a fragile state of shock and pain. You can go see her. Can I ask you one thing before you decide to go in there?” John spoke softly.

“Sure, go right ahead.” Edward answered coolly.

“Well,” John began, “what I don’t understand, and probably never will, was how you managed to walk away with but a minor broken arm, and she got the worst of it. I guess my question and concern is how is it you manage to work day to day, and act so cold?”

Obviously, the doctor knew more about Edward then what Edward thought, he answered softly, “I’ve been raised like this, and I’m used to it, okay? Now, can I please go see my fiancée?”

The tension quickly tightened between the two, John made no signs of resistance, he simply nodded and walked away, and leaving Edward the time he wanted with Carole.

Edward shuffled his way through the room doorway; a nurse smiled at Edward and left the two alone.

Edward gasped at the sight of Carole, there she lay in the hospital bed, bruises and cuts all over her face, bandages around her head, and she made no attempt to let Edward know that she knew he was in the room. He carefully walked over to the bed, and sat down in the metal chair sitting beside her bed.

“Carole?” Edward asked softly.

She coughed lightly and just stared him, she didn’t want to answer him, how could she? He was the reason she was laying in this bed right now, the reason she was in so much pain...

“Please answer me Carole, or give me any sign that you’re aware that I’m here.” The tone of Edward’s voice was soft, yet emotionless.

“I know your here Edward, I knew the moment I heard your footsteps come in that door.”

Tears welled in Edward’s eyes, seeing her like this hurt him, but some part of him was laughing, Carole knew he didn’t care like he was trying to give off, “Oh please, Carole, forgive me. I never meant to harm you... ever. I love you, and would never intentionally hurt you.”

“Save it. I don’t want to hear it right now.” She snapped back, “I told you to call Greg but you didn’t listen. Leave me be.” With that, she turned her head away from him, and stared outside the window.

Edward fought the urge to plead any further; he simply stood up and walked outside the room. He felt awful, why shouldn’t he? He was the cause of her being in the hospital, God knows, maybe he deserved to be treated that way by her, the way she dismissed him was the way he always dismissed her. “Leave me be” her words taunted him, every bit of his pride and honour was ripped from him, by his fiancée of all people.

“Dr. Sean? Can I have a word with you?” Edward asked.

John casually walked over to Edward and answered softly, “of course, Mr. Snipe.”

“What if I said I wanted to hire you to take care of Carole, in our home, you make whatever circumstances you wish, and I will abide by them, would you take up this offer?” The tone in Edward’s voice was not that of which John had heard before; instead it was a tone of a man who was hurt, a man who knew he was in the wrong.

“Edward, I cannot tell you enough, this is a delicate matter. If you take Ms. Patresh out of the hospital, there is a major risk that her state could get worse, do you understand this?”

“Yes,” Edward answered half seriously, “but what about the offer I just made?”

John sighed, he knew how serious Carole’s state was, God knows, he was one of the finest doctor’s in the state, he also knew that Edward would pay him a considerable amount of money, “Mr. Snipe, you do realize, I may be around for six to eight months, minimum, that means, you would have to put up with me for that long.”

“I can deal with that, all I care about is Carole recovering, so we can execute our wedding plans.”

“Very well,” John stated, “I will consider this, but for now, get some rest, Ms. Patresh will need rest, too. I will get back to you later tomorrow evening, I will have to talk to a few people before I can make a final decision, and I hope you’ll understand.”

“I do,” Edward answered; he was used to his costumers having the need for a couple days, sometimes weeks, to decide on a final decision.



The following day, Dr. Sean walked into Carole’s room, with an overly bright smile on his face, Carole the day before had barely enough strength to keep conscious, now she sat upright, smiling brightly at John.

“Good morning Ms. Patresh,” John coolly said.

“Please, call me Carole,” she smiled, “it makes me feel more comfortable, Ms. Patresh makes me feel old.”

John laughed, “Alright, Carole, I’ve got to talk to you about a few important matters, and you alone, have the most important decision to make.”

“Of course,” Carole smiled, “now, what about?”

“Well,” John began softly, “you’re fiancé, Mr. Snipe, wants to hire me to care for you until you are fully healed, and able to go on with your daily basis. The circumstances will be, if your state worsens, he is to allow me to take you imminently to the hospital, no questions asked. I will stay at your home with both you and Mr. Snipe, but in a separate room adjoined to your own room. Mr. Snipe is to not set foot in your room, without first getting my consent.”

Carole listened quietly, she studied his features, he was tall, about six foot four, he was rather muscular for a doctor, she noted, his hair was semi-long, blonde in color. She watched as he rifled through papers and documents that would need to be signed, she watched as his masculine fingers gently crossed each piece of paper, they looked strong, firm, yet gentle.

“I’ve got to say Carole,” John slowly added, “you’re fiancé was rather cold towards me earlier yesterday. But, after seeing you like this, he softened up and realized that he needed an extra shove. I’m rather astonished by the remarkable sum he’s offered me to work with you and him for six months. In that time, I hope you will recover, I don’t want to hover over your future life with your one true love.”

Carole groaned, the fact is, she didn’t love him, or his money, or his looks, she despised everything about the man, but yet she found herself having to marry the man. “I doubt you’ll be a bother.” She smiled softly at him, and then added, “Some new company around that... that mansion will be nice.”

John leaned forward to her and whispered, “Well let’s hope I don’t get lost in there, yeah?”

They both laughed, but the laughter was cut off when Edward strode into the room, his eyes resembling suspicion between the two, Edward was a very jealous man, if Carole had laughed at what another man had said to her, he became suspicious of his soon-to-be wife. Why he didn’t trust her? – She didn’t understand why he didn’t, but she accepted that fact.

“Dr. Sean, have we come to an arrangement, then?” Edward said with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Yes,” John answered, “I just need you to fill these documents and contract out, you okay with that?”

“Yes,” still the anger surged in Edward’s voice, “shall we?”

“Of course,” John smiled and said to Carole, “I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better today, Carole.” John stole a glance at Carole then graciously walked out of the room.

The End

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