Falling DoveMature

Holed up in a world that seems to disagree with young Carole's every choice, a world full of riches, and snobs, Carole finds herself falling in love with a middle class doctor, John Sean, after a tragic accident, Carole is left under the care of her doctor. But, when Carole's ruthless, violent, rich, powerful, and cold fiancé finds out about Carole and John's secret love for each other, he makes out a plan that will shatter Carole's love for John...

Chapter One


   “Oh no, Carole, you simply cannot wear that hideous dress to the celebration party!” Edward exclaimed.

“Well, why not Edward? I feel completely comfortable wearing this, isn’t that what matters?” Carole answered.

“No, you can’t wear that dress because it simply is hideous!

Carole, barely the age of 19, grew up in a rich, and snob infested world. She never had any say in what she wanted to do with her life; she simply was being driven to a destination against her will. Her mother, Ann Patresh, had forced her to accept Edward’s engagement ring. Although Edward was rather dashing, he had a cold and disgusting attitude towards the “lowly” class people. If you didn’t clear more than 250,000$ a year, you were useless and weren’t a loud to take a part of Edward’s life.

Carole was around five foot six, barely hitting the age 19; she had long, straight, blond hair that fell below her waist. Her eyes were blue, but were often shadowed by the heavy makeup her mother forced her to wear. Since before Carole was born, her mother had always been the star “queen” among her poises, and group. Carole felt disgusted the way her mother had acted continually.

Carole had grown up without her father around, her mother divorced her father when she was very young, and she divorced him for her producer to get promoted. But, shortly after Ann got promoted further, she divorced her producer for another important man in her ranks. It made Carole’s stomach churn at the very thought of her mother. She’s always been disgusted with her mother’s ways, although she’d never admit to it.

“Here,” Edward handed Carole a low neck red silk dress, “put this one on instead. It’ll compliment your curves, and make you look super fine, like your mother.”

Carole groaned, “But, I don’t want to look anything like my mother, you know that.”

“Let’s go Carole! The party is soon, and I can’t be late.”

Edward was six foot three, really muscular, his hair was black and short, and his eyes were a dark green color, with a hint of gold around the iris. Carole was intrigued by his dashing looks, but she was disgusted with his attitude, he was a ruthless asshole. Every time he and Carole made love, she imagined Edward to be a sweet, kind, and loving man, but deep down, she knew he wasn’t, he had never treated her right, she was but a pawn in his game.

“Fine,” Carole finally managed to go a long, “I’ll wear it, but don’t expect me to wear any fancy high-heels.”

With that, Carole shrugged out of her current dress, and slipped the silk dress on. She looked at herself in the mirror, the only thing she could see was her mother grinning widely at her, and she hated it. “Disgusting,” she said to herself in the mirror.

Edward grinned from ear to ear, “You look marvellous. We ready to go?”

Carole turned her head to Edward, and answered coolly, “I think so, wait how long do you think this party is going to take?”

Edward laughed dryly, “Never mind that, and let’s get going, okay? I’m probably already going to be running late.”

Edward ushered Carole out of the bedroom suite, and down the stairs into the large marble lobby. Edward decided upon driving him, and Carole to the party himself, instead of having their limo driver, Greg Marks, drive them. The car was a new sports car; it was dark black, like the midnight sky, the windows were tinted back – Edward had the windows tinted black – the seats were black leather, Edward was obsessed with black, obviously.

Carole and Edward got into the car, the engine hummed lightly as it started, the headlights flickered on, and Edward pulled out of the driveway. The drive to the party was rather quiet and uncomfortable to Carole. Edward would usually talk about business plans, or the wedding plans that were soon to play. Even the thought of marrying Edward shot shiver of disgust up Carole’s spine, God knows, she doesn’t want to marry Edward, but what choice did she have?

Finally, they pulled up to the mansion; the mansion itself was twice the size of Edward’s mansion, the door was a fine old oak, the whole mansion was completely marble, guests were seen flocking in the front door, the butler would greet them, take their coats and hang them up. This was the life Carole had been brought up in, a life where if you fell out of, you couldn’t get back into.

“Good evening, Mr. Snipe and Ms. Patresh, may I take your coats?” The butler exclaimed.

Without a word said, Edward shrugged off his coat, and very rudely threw it at the butler.

Carole took her coat off, and nicely handed it to the butler, saying calmly, “Thank you.” The butler nodded and tended to the other guests arriving.

“Edward?” Carole asked.

“What?” He answered coldly.

“Can we,” she hesitated, “can we talk later? It’s important.”

“Small talk is for the weak, let’s leaves it at home, and got that?”

How could he be so cold towards her, to his fiancée?

Hours later, the party had come to almost finishing, Edward by then was drunk, he had been slurring his words, wasn’t able to walk properly.

Edward walked towards his sports car, but Carole grabbed him by the arm tightly and said, “Please don’t Edward, your very drunk, let’s call Greg and get him to drive the limo here, and then we can pick the car up in the morning.”

He pulled away from her and pushed her off of him, his eyes staring into hers, he laughed mockingly, “You’re telling me what to do? Get in the car, now Carole!

The tone in his voice frightened her; she obeyed him, and sat nervously in the passenger’s seat, waiting for Edward to start the car. The engine hummed softly, and Edward gracefully, and easily, backed out of the parking space, he drove down the long driveway.

Driving down the highway, Edward continually drove into the opposite lane, Carole’s heart was beating rapidly, she was frightened, so scared that he would get both them killed.

Suddenly, Edward drove far off the road, the last thing Carole remembered was her screaming, “EDWARD!”

The End

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