When Jon and I where little, we played this game. We would get 'Married', and travel back in time. We would be the ones who saved the world. We would never  live like this. If only we could.

                    "Jon!" I said. I ran over and gave him a hug. We are not going out, but I love him like my brother. We hug.  He returned the hug.

    "Hey, Chica." He calls me Chica, I don't know why, but I love the name.

      "We, should hurry." I said.  We are always late for school. It really didn't matter, as long we where in our seats by five.

 We begin to walk towards school. It takes two seconds, knowing us, it take forever! All we do is mess around. We almost always have to run.

   "So..Lacy is gettinh hair cut.'' I said. We neaver say anything that could get us in trouble.

"Oh." Thats was code for Ekk. We use it only to talk about Lacy.  We hate Lacy.

                                    We walked into school and made our way to year six's floor. We are in the same class room  all day,but each class has four teen kids. So, living in a city area, we needed seven rooms for each year.

   We walked into our class room. We sat in tables of seven. Joh, Brett, Peter, Brice, Lacy, Rosie, and I our at table one.  We where the ones who's parnets where powerful.

Table two held Grace, Davie, Finn, Hanna, Rickie, Roy, and Aden. They all had one thing in common, they would stop going to school soon.

The End

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