I walked down the street. It was four in the morning, and school was going to start in a half hour. We have school till late afternoon. Three to be right. Making the hours longer, makes less years of school. So, most kids stoped going by age ten. If your father was high ranking, or you had money you could go till fifthteen. After that, you where given a job. Not told to get a job, the goverment gave it to you.

I was the child of the second in charge. My father was like awesome. He didn't use his power to get stuff, he had worked hard for that job and he got it.  He gave me and my sister a good life, and wanted us to use it.  My little sister, Hattie used it all right. She was a genuis, so she was sent to a school for Genuis's so..

she was done by age seven.

I made a left turn, and stopped. I was going to my best's friends house. I picked him up every day.

"Yo, Zo!" Jon said as he ran out of the house.

The End

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