This is a story I dream about once or twice a year. It started when I was four of five, as a nightmare. I just begin to write it on my old P.C. than it crashed so...this it!

YEAR 2300

The cold moon faced me. I looked up at it and thought, Hey moon! I'm Zoey Union and I'm awesome! Of course I couldn't say that out loud, in fear the commander or even worse, the commander's brant of a kid, Lacy would here.

I should tell you about my world, the world of 2300. It's nothing like what you might see in, oh lets just say 2011. Then they drove cars, now we see cars as walking, why walk when you fly? That's what the great Charlie Sheen had thought when he made the first hover craft. Now, we all own one. Even the hobo that lives down the street.


In the year 2013, almost every country had a rebellion. The leaders met, and to keep the citzens from killing all of man kind, the did the best they could.

                                                                   They picked a man to rule all of us. That man turned us all around. Or, so I'm told.  My Mother says what he did saved us, with out him we would be dead.

If you noticed that I'm calling him him is, we can't say the name, it's  forbided.  The commder says if we say it, we will be cursed.

                                                      They say I live in the best time to live, that we made so little into so much. We are trapped. If we do one thing wrong, we are killed.

The End

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