The account of a man before he jumps off a building

Slowly, I climbed to the edge of the parapet. I watched the street lamps flicked to life below, illuminating the deserted streets. A few cars swept along the puny road, breaking the periodic silence, that screamed through the bitter, cold

Night dawned across the sky. The moon loomed above the space, like a ghostly eye in the dark. The clouds painted the dark blue sky grey and black, and the bats spread their wings to take flight into the endless darkness.

An owl hootedin the branches of a dead tree. It was calling out to me. It wanted to see me fall. As did the rest of the world.

 A soft winter breeze swept below my bare feet, sending a sweet shiver through my entirety. My body trembled with excitement. My eyes widened. Inflating my chest, I spread my arms and looked towards the ash sky.

“Come...”  I heard her voice muse into my ear. “I want to be with you. Come.” The owl continued o sweetly hoot in my ears.

A slow step of the edge, my body accelerated forward.

 Life. Fuck life. It was too tedious to live it any more. There are too many failiurs and too much pain. I’d already proven a burden to my family, and I had no friends to speak off. I’d just live it the same fucked up way that everyone else did, working there asses off as a slave of society, living with broken dreams, and crushed hopes, alone, dark and cold, taking thousands of regrets to their death beds. I wanted to find a way to leave this rat race before it was too late; before I got addicted to this poison, to this intoxicating sickness, called life.

The air rushed through my body, my skin was almost ripped apart by the sure speed, my shoulders torn out of their sockets as velocity pushed my body further into the ground.

The final thud. I felt the bones shatter into a thousand pieces. There was no pain. I sighed, a final breath of relief. I was free. I heard the owl hoot in the distance, its voice growing more distant with every passing second. . And then, there was blackness.

The End

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