Callie and Luke have accidentally fallen in love, but Callie has to leave soon, and they may never see each other again.

Callie jumped from rope to rope, higher and higher, thinking about Luke.  She had seen him around camp before, but they'd never talked-- that is, until that morning.  They'd really clicked; she jumped once more, but this time, she fell; down, down, down, thud.  Her vision turned fuzzy, and the last thing she remembered was everyone rushing over to her.

The next thing she knew, her eyes were opening in a bright white hospital room, not the nurses office, or her cabin, the hospital.  Her parents, the camp director, and her counselor were all there.  There was one person missing, the camp director's son, Luke.  The nurse must've noticed Callie looking at all the faces, trying to find his, because she said,  "Your friends will be allowed in later, dear."

Callie's mother said, "Callie, you are lucky to be alive, so don't be disappointed that you don't get to see your friends right away."

Callie rolled her eyes, replying, "I'm not, it's just--you know what?  Never mind."  Meanwhile, she thought, Luke must be out in the waiting room.  If only I could get out there to see him.

As if he could read her thoughts, the camp director asked, "Are you and Luke friends, because he seemed pretty anxious to get in here."

Caught completely off-guard,  Callie replied, "Oh, yeah, we've uh,--met."  The director raised his eyebrows skeptically.

I guess that nurses truly do save lives, because the nurse spoke up, saving Callie's life, "Let the girl rest," she then stuck an IV in her arm, and the world went fuzzy again.

The End

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