Falling - NW8Mature

Well, that would ruin it :)

I had never really considered death, But now  I was facing it front on, I have to say it seems like... Quite a frightening prospect, I had been brought up to be the best, I was not use to losing. And death is the biggest form of losing.

However 10000ft up with a shute not opening, I felt in my element, I loved beating the odds, and they were certainly stacked against me. I felt head strong, I turned on my chest pulling my shute bag onto my chest, my other drop buddy waved his arms at me, however I gave him the all OK and preceded to unpack my shute, it was in my fist, I slid my bag back onto my back, and let go. 

But, nothing happened panicked I  realised that in my confusion I had realised my shute from the bag. I waved my arms at my drop buddy, but he was not in sight, 2000ft up I was doomed.

The last thing I saw was a flash of green. Then   Nothing.

The End

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