Sarah's Semblance

            Options appeared and the mouse clicked. Female. Caucasian. Blue eyes. Blond hair. I didn't know the significance of these things. But it was a semblance. A semblance of humanity. That's what I was. And yet, she chose it with care. For the strokes of the pointer across the screen were gradual and thoughtful.

            I wondered, Do I look like my User?

            Hard to tell. Her existence is different. It's whole and complete. It transcends. Where as, I am simply a cluster of pixels and a grouping of data.


            What's that?

            She had two options. Worshiper of the Sun, Praiser of the Moon. Hmmph. Whatever it was, it sounded interesting. There were descriptions of them in little tabs. They were opposed. One was conservative, the other liberal. One was full of light, the other full of hope. What did that mean? The pointer hung between them for a moment.

            Then, it swung up and changed my eyes to green, making my electrons simper and my photons quiver to a new colour.

            Element. The box was there twice, two numbered instances.

            Again, it was something unknown to me. Things I did not yet understand. More semblances, of the nature of the User's world. That was what my world was, just like me, a mere semblance.

            The options were there in a drop-down list. Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Ice, Air, Electricity, Light, Darkness, Venom, and more that required her to scroll down the list. Well, I thought 'Electricity' was a fitting choice. That and 'Light'. But they were the only ones I understood, and felt an affinity to.

            Darkness, Air.

            Oh, now my identity had been handed some whimsical, natural, powerful, magical affinity. And its significance? I knew not.

            And then, the final two entry spaces: one for text and the other, a drop-down selection list. They were titled 'First Name' and 'Last Name'.

            The pointer moved and wrote in the first space. Kiara. Then she erased it, backspacing her way through the letters. And she moved to the drop-down button. The list had numerous potential last names and an option at the top for 'New'. So, might I share a last name with other characters?

            She moved up to 'New'. A text box appeared for her to write in. A pause. Then the pointer clicked into it. And then she moved back to the list of what others had used. Dreamlace. So now I had a last name.

            And so, the mouse returned to first name, which she had left blank. Now, I was left alone. The pointer stood still in the corner of the screen. I was an immobile graphic, waiting for her to finish with me.

            Then she returned. I could tell, as the keys were struck. Inspiration must have stuck. She went for an alliteration: Diana.

            So, my name was Diana Dreamlace. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. At least, I thought so. It sounded magical. And maybe I'd be magical. Or maybe I'd be a warrior woman, defending the land with gleaming steel and a strong will. Wait, defending the land? Hmm... she might make me evil. Would I enjoy that? What if I killed someone? What was that like? Come to think of it, what was anything like?

            She clicked the 'Complete' button that was next to the 'Cancel'. Okay, so we were done, right?

            Yeah, we were. The screen darkened under a dark gradient, and the word 'Loading' appeared at its center in bold white letters, a curvy script that looked like calligraphy. A bar began to extend from left to right across the screen. It was gray, with a stony texture, and bordered with pictures of fairies, flowers and, at its end, a menacing winged imp who bore a menacing grin.

            Then, the screen flashed black. And in moments, I knew, I would be free to walk to world of Fallen with my User and her commands.

The End

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