Fallen's Figment

            I was born from the data. Yet at some point, I must have taken on a live of my own. I'd like to think that I was more than the ones and zeros, the glittering pixels on the monitor and the data strings of text.

            I'd like to think that I was more than just a figment of my User's imagination.

            From what I can piece together, things began before me. The world I know was born as I was, from data, but from the minds of many. Copious data that was costly of time and creativity. They called it a game, and did with it as they wished.

            I watched before I knew what I was. The window opened, the arrow moved across the screen, and the fingers of my User stood at the ready, at a time before she was my User.

            The darkness unfaded from black, and a monster loomed in the blue shadows. It was there to warn the Users, as the Game's application opened.

            He had a haunted, ghoulish face. Crouched in prayer, his messy hair was like grass in a stormy wind. And his muscled, hulking chest acknowledge the threat he could become, if ever to be encountered.

            With a click of the mouse, the image faded as it slid to the left, fading into the blue shadows of the background graphic. Then, the title appeared: Echoes of A Fallen World.

            Below it were two button panels. They were displayed in the same curving script, and outlined in a stylized border. They read: Register, Login.

            The pointer moved across the screen. My User clicked on Register. Instantly, the title and the two buttons were replaced by a large form to be filled out.


            Username: AllAtOnce94

            Password: *******

            Repeat Password: *******

            E-mail: allatonce94@yahoo.com

            Sex:    M    (F)

            OKAY            CANCEL


            From this memory before I emerged, I learned that my User was female, or at least claimed to be. Later, I'd learn that not many of the Game's Users were female. And from the e-mail, I suppose, would could assume my User's age to be around fourteen.

            And with one more click of my User's mouse, that data was sent. Briefly, a box read 'Connecting...' and bore a panel for 'Cancel'. A connection was made from the client to the server, and the screen changed again.

            The new screen had a lot to read. And behind the text, there was another picture of the Game's concept art. It was a sleeping dragon, coiling its long body around an ancient sepulcher. It was sketchy and monochromatic, and bore unreadable symbols below it. The dragon watched menacingly from behind the text.


            Welcome to The Echoes of A Fallen World!

            The time is 9:44 PM GMT. The server has been up for 0 years, 44 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes and 44 seconds.

            The MOTD is: "Updates to the latest quest sequences and new maps are complete. Please report any bugs to the administration. Happy Hunting!"

            There are currently 26 online users in the world of Fallen.

            [ NEW CHARACTER ]

            [ NEW CHARACTER ]

            [ NEW CHARACTER ]

            [ NEW CHARACTER ]

            [ NEW CHARACTER ]

            [ EXIT ]


            I did not understand what it meant. I caught on, eventually, as I'd see this screen many more times, upon every login. The seconds kept changing. And then the minutes. This was to be my resting place, among the five character panels. I was the first panel. The mouse clicked, and I was to be born on a new screen: The Character Creation Menu.

The End

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