Fallen Rose.

Fallen Rose, Suicide.

 Raise your knife,

Round and round it spun to sever heartstring.

Heartache, My knowledgeable one.

Friendly? A Stab In The Back For An Ally.

Do I really Know you?


Open your eyes,

You Are Pain.

Life, Slipping Through My Fingers.

To The Option At The Press Of A Button...

A Trigger, As Such, To Cause Waterfalls.


"Malediction! Vile Loathsome Creature!"

Why Bother? To Slake The Lust Of The Heart...

What Is There To Live For After That?

Would You Create More To Suffer Life's Flames?


A Fallen Mind, Grace Your Eternal. A Definition?

If I Lived, To Only Follow In The Footsteps Of Hell....

Because My Lust Drives Me.

To Make The Planet Spin. Spiralling In Pain...

I Fight. I Die In A TidalWave.


What, is there to be expectations of a god now?!

Life Is Falling From Grace and Hitting the ground

Whenever it becomes too much.

I'm A Smudge On Your Manuscript.

That Is Wiped Out By The Thumb Of "God."



I Am A Fallen Rose, Spinning On The Water.

With A Shole Of Senseless Piranhas Beneath Me.

How Long Until I Am Bitten, Mistaken For Another?

A Bloody Rose. Brilliantly, Artistically carved.

The Pain Has Cut Me Beautifully. I Float With Fallen Majesty.

The End

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