I have no idea why I did what I did. I just broke one of the most fundamental rules of The Realm of Worlds; I hoped that Zodiac wouldn’t have seen me or I would quite literally be beyond dead. I broke through the cloud cover and landed on the sky pier and low and behold there was Zodiac stood with Pisces and Aquarius. I was definitely beyond dead, shimmer world here I come.

“You are in deep, deep trouble young lady!” Aquarius shouted

“Yeah, yeah whatever” I said shrugging

“Don’t whatever me you ungrateful little child!” Aquarius screamed

“Aquarius calm down” Pisces said soothingly

“Leona do you realise the seriousness of what you have done?” asked Zodiac almost in disbelief

“He saved me,” I said defiantly

“He wanted to get close to you! Don’t you understand?” shouted Aquarius

“Why would he? I’ve never even seen him before!” I shouted back

“Yes but your parents have Leona,” said Pisces

“What are you talking about?” I asked angrily

“We killed his father Sarus, the late second in command of the fallen angels and Seth also believes your parents killed his mother Rubin” said Zodiac

“That’s not true though! Is it?” I asked

“It’s true we killed Sarus but that’s because he was trying to kill you Leona, so Seth wants to kill you because we killed his father to save you” Zodiac replied “Leona for your own safety and as a punishment for your actions, we are sending you down to Earth for sometime”

“Yeah like that’s going to work, they’ll see my wings!” I shouted

“Not if we take them away!” shouted Aquarius with a smirk on his face

“You wouldn’t dare!” I screamed

Before I had time to react or protest further I fell through the clouds and began hurtling back the way I came through the clouds. I screamed until my lungs were raw, I couldn’t move my wings, I couldn’t even feel them anymore. I managed to glance upward and my wings were gone, it was just me freefalling towards the ground. I shut my eyes tightly and wrapped my arms around my face. Suddenly I plummeted into a huge stack of hay with such a force that I went straight to the bottom of the stack.

“Ouch” I grumbled

I heard someone clapping and laughing, it sounded like they were right next to me. I listened for where the voice was coming from and I reached out my arm grabbed their leg and pulled them over.

“Ouch what the hell!” I heard a male voice

I managed to clamber out of the haystack and brush myself off. I was covered in scratches and had pieces of hay sticking out of my hair. I looked at the ground to see Seth laid on the floor rubbing his back in pain and straightening out his wings.

“Go away Seth” I snapped

“So they took away your wings?” he laughed

“If your not careful I’ll rip yours off,” I growled

“So they saw the kiss then?” he said still smirking

“Shut up Seth and go away,” I snapped again

“Well pardon me but I’m just curious about one thing” he smiled

“Make it quick” I said

“Where are you planning on living?” he asked the same smirk back on his face “Because I can’t see you living in the haystack

“I don’t know,” I confessed

“Follow me” he smiled and flew off

“Hey!” I shouted after him “No wings remember!”

He flew back and landed next to me. He then thought for a moment and swiftly grabbed my arm and took off dragging me behind.












The End

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