Chapter 1

Summit, Michigan

Present Day


I grabbed my notebook and pencil and wrote down the small, four line poem. I always had a notebook and pencils for this reason. I was a writer. I was only a Sophomore, but I knew that when I went to college, I was going to become a best-selling author. I had almost shoved the notebook back in my bag when one of my friends grabbed it.

            "What did you write?" she wondered, flipping through the notebook. "Jeez, you have so much stuff in here."

            "Give it back, Liz," I said, smiling, making a reach for the notebook.

            She laughed and said, "Not going to happen." She finally found the page. After reading the poem, she called, "Ev! Nikki! Come here, you have to read this!" Sure enough, Evelyn and Nikailya rushed over to read the short poem.

            " 'Good- bye's are not forever, good- bye's are not the end. They simply mean 'I'll miss you' until we meet again.' " Evelyn had to read it out loud. "That is so good! I love it!"

            Suddenly, the bell rang, signaling the start of choir. Mr. Vilison walked out of his office with an attendance sheet in his hands. "Okay, class, settle down. After morning announcements, I’m going to take attendance." Right then, the morning announcements began.

            "Good morning, Wolves!" Jocelyn Izar's voice rang throughout our P.A system.

            "Does she have to say the mascot?" Liz asked. "And what is with her voice? That has to be the peppiest voice that ever is or was."

            I nodded in agreement. Jocelyn Izar was on the Varsity cheer team; her thin frame made her an ideal flyer. She had long, honey blonde hair that was somewhere between gentle waves and a perm. Her eyes were caramel brown and her skin had a strange golden tint that was somewhat beautiful and somewhat unnatural. She, therefore, had earned the name 'Golden Girl' at Summit High School and boys were drawn to her like moths to a flame.

            "I hope everyone is having a great first week," Jocelyn continued. "Just a few reminders: Students for Healthful Living - SFHL -  is always looking for new members. Stop by room 164 for more info. Also, chess club will hold its first meeting on next Tuesday in room 136. Drama and Theater clubs will hold informational meetings on Friday. And now, here's your principal with more announcements."

            "Thank you, Jocelyn," Mr. Fellson said. "One more announcement: this year SMS will compete in a writing competition. We will send two representatives to district and then hopefully to regional's, state and nationals. All who are interested please stop by the main office for a meeting after school."

            Liz nudged me. "You have to go to that meeting."

            "I don't know…."

            "Okay," Mr. Vilison said. "Attendance." He glanced down at his list. "Please say what singing part you want to be. Try for an event amount. And if I murder your name, I apolgize, just correct me." He paused. "Rochelle Allen."

            "Alto," Rochelle replied.

            "Elizabeth Blackwell."

            "Alto," Liz said.

            "Marie Brunson."


            "Alex Cole."


            " Daniel Cole."


            On and on the list went. I listened because I knew that there would be one name that Mr. Vilison would murder.

            "Um, Miss Jansen, could you please pronounce your name for me?"

            "Nikailya," Nikki said. "Like Makayla, but replace the 'M' with a 'N'."

            "Nikailya," Mr. Vilison repeated.

            "But everyone else calls me Nikki."


            "Soprano," Nikki said.

            More names were called and a couple more were murdered. "Evelyn Rush," Mr. Vilison said.

            "Ev," Evelyn said. "Soprano."

            "Kimberly Swan."

            "Kim," I said. "Alto."

            In the end there were six altos, eleven sopranos, two tenors and two basses. Then, a knock on the door.

            A new student walked through the doors. He was tall and had a body that probably benched about my weight. He had dusty skin and dark eyes. His black hair was spiked in a wild disarray.

            Mr. Vilison spun around. "Ah, yes," he said. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is our new student. What's your name again?"

            "Jonavon de Chaupricano," the boy said. His voice was deep and husky.

            "What singing part?"


            "Okay, then. Go take a seat," Mr. Vilison said, indicating the grey risers the rest of us were sitting on.

            "Did he say 'cappuccino' was his last name?" Liz asked.

            "I think it was show-pree-can-oh," I replied. My eyes followed Jonavon as he sat down. Then my eyes found Ev. She looked terrified. Her skin was paler than usual and she had a look that went with the phrase 'deer caught in headlights'.

            Why did she look so terrrified?

The End

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