Fallen Love

This story is practically based on Becca Fitzpatrick's novel, "Hush, Hush". It deals with fallen angels and love. For those who have read "Hush, Hush" you get what I'm saying. For those who haven't yet read it: READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. Anyhoo, the plot is incredibly similar to "Hush, Hush" but hey, anyone can post anything right?


Tuscany, Italy

 August 1610 

The moon shone bright overhead, illuminating the cobblestone streets below. A young boy about seventeen was pacing back and forth, waiting. He wore all black and his boots slicking against the street was the only sound. Suddenly, his head snapped up at the sound of approaching footsteps. Through the shadows came the figure of a man. He was not much older than the first boy. This man was bare-chested and his pants hung low on his waist.

            "André," the man said nodding.

            "Lucian," the boy returned. There was a moment of silence before André continued, "Why have you brought me here?"

            "Look," Lucian said. "About what happened last time - " he broke off as André's hand closed around his throat.

            "Don't you dare," André whispered. "Do not even think about bringing up last time."

            "I just came to say that I found something that could help - " he was cut off again as André's hands clutched tighter.

            "The last time you 'helped' innocent people died. How many more people must die for you to get what you want?"

            "It's not just what I want," Lucian said.

            At this, André drew his hand back in a fist and slammed it against Lucian's face. André let go as Lucian probed his broken nose and bleeding lip.

            "Boys, boys," a voice said. "Must will still fight?" A young girl stepped forward, she was very young, fifteen maybe sixteen.

            "Anya," the boys said.

            Anya looked at the boys skeptically. André was tall, hovering around six feet. His skin was a deep tan and his hair was long and black as midnight. Lucian was not as tall as André; only a few inches shorter. He also had pale skin that seemed to reflect moonlight. His hair was a dark brown and was shorter than André's. Anya was the shortest, five-five at the most. Her long blonde hair gave the appearance that she was taller seeing as it fell to her knees. Her skin was more pale than Lucian's.

            "André, you really shouldn’t bottle your anger up like that. If you wanted to hit him, you could've hit him a while ago."

            "Thanks, Anya," Lucian said.

            "Sometimes you deserve to be hit," Anya said. "Anyway, I want to hear what Lucian has to say."

            "Well, you know that thing you've been searching for? I think I found an answer."

            "By answer," André said, "I assume you mean 'clue' or 'key'?"


            "How do we get it?" Anya asked.

            "It won't be easy," Lucian said.

            "Will it be dangerous?" André asked.


            "Did you hurt anyone to get this information?" Anya questioned.

            "Not permanently."

            "Will more people die?" André continued.


            "Give me a reason to trust you."

            "This is childish," Anya said. She held out her hands. Lucian took her left hand in his right, while André took her right in his left. "You boys have to join hands, too, you know." Once they did, Anya began chanting in a foreign language. A light began to glow in the middle of the circle they formed. As Anya continued chanting, the light continued to grow brighter. Once Anya finished, the light engulfed them all and then died.

            "Now, we are bound," Anya said. "That means no more hurting each other and no more backing out from doing what has to be done."

            On each of their left shoulders was a mark, a mark showing the deal was closed and that they were bound. Now, there was no turning back.

The End

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