The harsh pain of my skull was the only thing keeping my adrenaline going. Laying on the hood of the bus, as I feel the warm blood roll down my skull as I struggle to get up. Everything is a blur, the only thing visible is the bright yellow bus, blowing wispy smoke from the engine along with the sound of a light hiss to confirm its own demise.

   I hear Michelle yell my name along with other names being yelled.

  "Josh! Youre alive!" She yells, tears rolling down her face like a little girl whos doll was taken away.

   I fall to the ground before I could respond. Everything goes black and I know death is ahead of me.

Six months ago...

   "Alright... Jacob stand here and look towards the camera." The man says in a polite yet bored tone.

   Most kids my age get there picture for their drivers license or their school prom. Im taking a picture for my mug shot. The light flashes in my eyes proceeded by the click of the camera. I squint my eyes by such a bright illumination.

   "Ok, youre good to go." The officer says in a calm tone.

   The officer takes me back to my jail cell where I will be staying until my mom bails me out. The thin bed mattress covered in an even thinner sheet. A toilet that im suppose to use without any privacy. I lay on the bed slowly, its almost as uncomfortable as the cold hard floor. I close my  eyes in hope of getting some kind of sleep.


   I wake up as Austin and Jackson stand above me with curiosity. There eyes widening when they see that im awake. Its dark out and everyone except the teacher and the bus driver is sitting around the campfire. Some shivering as the cold, dry, air blows around us.

   "Youre awake" Austin smiles as Jackson groans in obvious disappointment.

   Jackson always hated me and I dont know why. I rarely ever spoke to him. It wasnt one of those highschool enemies type of situation. He hated me with a passion and I could tell that he was hoping for my death.

   Michelle gets up and walks to me and sits down quickly, not even giving me time to react, she kisses me. My eyes widen, we have never done this in public and tried to keep the relationship secretive, by her own orders. Surprised by this gesture I pull away softly so it didnt look like I was rejecting her.

   "Im so happy youre alive" She hugs me in full affection. Not knowing if she would let go.

  "What happened?" I asked her in confusion.

   "We got into a crash"

   "I know that, but why are we still in the woods?"

   "We woke up in someplace far away from the main roads" Austin interrupts.

   My eyes widen knowing what that means. We are lost and missing with no idea what to do.

   Seven months ago...

  I jump off the school bus, the cold rain hitting my face immediately. I smile in complete excitement, I got a football scholarship to UCF and I was thrilled. My life has changed forever and I knew my mom would be proud of me. I quickly ran home, each foot step hitting a puddle, creating a rhythmic splashing sound. I run and jump, stepping onto the small porch. Our house was a small two bedroom one bath. It was new though and was in a nice neighborhood so we were happy with it.

   I quickly open the door in anticipation.

   "Mom guess what? I got in-" My voice went into a stutter.

   I look at the house covered in clothes and broken dishes, but what was worse, my mom layed there, in the center of the room. Her body impaled by knife wounds as blood seeped out of each wound. Except for where the knife was stabbed, in her stomach.


   "Well geniuses! You couldnt of tried to fix the bus!" I yell in anger.

   My anger always took control over me. Even when my mother was alive.

   "There is no connect-" I cut in front of Jessi as she tries to explain.

    "I dont care! You guys were to lazy to even try! You cant even keep an eye on Eliza!"

    Then, there were screams, petrified screams. The whole camp looks towards to where the noise is coming from. Eliza was the only one not there.

The End

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