The Crash

High school kids go on a field trip where mysterious things happen.

   "Hey! Stop that, its not funny!" Seventeen year old Michelle Nunez giggles as she tries to hold back her undeniable amusement as her boyfriend, Josh, throws the middle finger at each car that goes by.

   The whole bus laughs at each drivers facial expression as the bus driver continues to drive on the long, narrow, two lane road. Clueless of the students childish antics. The students just finished their annual forest walk in Juno, Alaska. This being about the only field trip that the seniors ever go on. The only students going on this field trip are students who need the extra credit to graduate. After getting enough laughter, Josh stops harrassing ongoing drivers and lays back in his seat and listens to music on his iPod Shuffle.

  "Hey Josh, do you know where we are going?" Michelle asked in obvious confusion.

   "Back to school, arent we?" Josh replies.

    "It doesnt look like it."

    Michelle pointed out the window as the bus drives past the exit.

    "Hmm... I dont know then." Josh chuckles.

    Josh looked out the window as the bus continues to drive. He begins to fall asleep when a large bump is heard, proceeding by the bus performing a small hop. This awakes Josh immediately. 

    "Where're we going?!" Yells Austin in an agrevated tone. Hating when these things happen.

    "Sorry, sorry im just trying to avoid traffic" The bus driver replies.

    "Its Alaska! How much traffic can there be?" Jackson yells.

     "All of you stop complaining! The bus driver is doing his best!" Mr. Nelson tells the class, though he sounds annoyed himself.

    Austin and Jackson were in the back of the bus talking about art and music, like they always did. They were fraternal twins, as well as each others only friends.  Never getting along with other kids at their school.

    "U2 or Red Hot Chili Peppers?" Austin asks.



    "Id pick Red Hot Chili Peppers."

    "Why in any way shape or form is Red Hot better than U2!?"

     This began as a debate and became an arguement, the brothers furiously yelling at each other over which band was superior to the other. They showed to be just as good enemies as they were friends. Austin stopped mid sentence to see Jessi staring at him. Jessi was the girl Austin dreamed about. A stare left him in full trance as Jessi quickly looked away. Jackson looked at Austin in confusion.

    "What?" Jackson asked turning around to see what Austin was looking at. He shrugged getting over the stare, quickly bringing back up the whole, which band is better? Topic.

    Jessi turned to Eliza as Eliza was talking about how cute she thought Josh was.

    "I mean, I have no idea why Josh would date Michelle of all people. You know?" She looked over to Jessi for a response.

    "Oh... umm.... yeah" Jessi says, to lost in her own thoughts.

    Eliza continues to go on about Michelle and Josh as Jessi reaches into her backpack and pulls out her sketchbook. She flips through the sketchbook and stops at a half finished drawing of Austin. She looks at him again and finishes her sketch. He didnt know that she liked him. Since, not even Eliza, has ever spoken of him.

    The bus driver turns up the radio slightly as he approaches another tight turn. He barely manages to turn all the way only to see a man standing in the road. His dead eyes staring into the drivers. The driver doesnt have time to react before the wheels go out, the bus flipping down the long hill and into the dark forest as the teens scream in true fear. Then theres silence.



The End

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