Part one: Confessions

I remember heaven, the glittering paradise where I was born. The sun shone brightly, and yet the stars shone both day and night. The mountains, valleys and fields were colored shining crystal. It was there I met the archangel Lucifer. It really is a pity….. If it weren’t for me, he might still be there.

I was a Seraphim, an angel of elite beauty and grace. My six silver wings arched gloriously into the skies of heaven, and my golden locks cascaded down my back. When I sung……It was like a choir of angels in perfect harmony. My voice could move mountains, carve valleys, and streams stopped to listen, jealous of my voice. My voice still to this day can cause demons to weep, and angels to rage in a fit of jealousy. However, for all my beauty and divine grace, I was one of the most disliked angels in heaven. While the others sung the graces of heaven, I had free time. That free time had been my choice, however, when the other angels made it very clear that I did not belong.

I was wandering the east gardens of heaven, when I felt a very powerful angel enter. I could have hidden or showed deference; instead I just ignored the angel and focused intensely on a bent cypress twig. Out of the corner of my eye I watched the angel walk down the path towards me. He was an archangel by his appearance, with dark gold eyes and bronze hair. He looked like a marble statue, his face perfectly proportioned, and his jaw barely too wide to be heart shaped. Lucifer, the top angel in heaven was right next to me. "Are you the gardener, or are you just ignoring me?" he asked. His voice was perfect, indescribably so. I turned around, and was overcome by shock. I tried to come up with something to say, but fell short. "Are you all right?" He inquired, his perfect brow furrowing with concern. "I was just going," I finally stammered, hating myself for my cowardice. "I’ll see you later!" Lucifer shouted to my retreating back as I ran away.

That was the first time I saw Lucifer. The first time we met, and I had freaked out and run away. I had known about him before hand, all of the angels did, but never had met him before that. This was in heaven’s youth, before its innocence had been lost. Lucifer tracked me down the next day, and we talked. This occurred over and over again, until we fell in love. I don’t know how it happened, and neither did he. Angels aren’t designed to fall in love. The only love an angel can feel is eternal love for all; the only creatures that can feel love for another of their species are humans. But, no matter how, we were in love. They say that love is for fools; if only I knew this to be true then.

The End

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